Students share their fall fashion inspiration

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Students share their fall fashion inspiration


By Kristine Pascual, Nov. 1, 2022

Now that an increased number of students are back on campus, it is fun to see what students are wearing. From style, to weather, to comfortability, these students had a lot to say about their thought processes into what goes into an outfit.  

The Poly Post interviewed students around campus about their outfits and what they believe completes an outfit, where they find fashion inspiration and what they believe the most important part of an outfit

Carly Peepgrass | food science student

“This is my dad’s Pink Floyd shirt, and I’ve had it for a long time, and obviously you can see it’s got its use out of it. My pants are RVCA.I take a little bit of (inspiration) from a lot of people, I don’t really have just one.”








Evan Romero | apparel merchandising & management. 

“So, most of my outfit is kind of thrifted or got at outlets, except for this BB Belt, money not well spent, but I don’t regret it. I think my biggest fashion inspiration is from Tyler the Creator to Evan Mock.” 








Natalie Gonzales | English education student

“I would describe my style as minimalist, sometimes academic, dark colors and gothic, it depends.” 










Brandon Spiker | electromechanical engineering student

“I wear a lot of jorts, I like oversized hoodies and T-shirts. I go for dark colors, something a little bit edgy, Y2K or 90s.” 









Jazz Lavilla | kinesiology student  

“I usually just think about what color combos would look nice together and then accessorize.” 











Jasmine Arrojo | biology student

“I shop at thrift stores, but I go to the mall, and I can’t justify those prices for clothes that all look the same. The most important part of an outfit is finding some kind of piece to incorporate that makes you feel confident.” 









Keely Roy | apparel merchandising and management student

(My style) definitely changes every day. It goes off what I feel will bring me joy that day. I mostly thrift my clothes, I like going to the Goodwill outlets because I love a good deal and I’m trying to shop slower fashion brands that are more sustainable.” 









Ryan Fog | communication student 

“I go with something that matches, I usually like earthy colors, so I tend to go with green or blue. I want to go with bold colors, I like mixing my style as well, vintage or skater style.” 









Feature image courtesy of Hannah Morgan


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