Star kids who will take over Bollywood in 2023

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Star kids who will take over Bollywood in 2023


Bigg Boss season 16 is witnessing high tension drama every day as the contestants get involved in fights and controversies. Vikkas Manaktala, who was recently evicted from Salman Khan’s reality show, attacked Shiv Thakare. Vikas’ wife Gunjan took to Twitter and said that Shiv is wearing the clothes she sent for her husband. Gunjan even revealed that Shiv had hidden some of her husband Vikas’ clothes and perfumes that she had sent him and he is wearing them now that he has been evicted.

Now, Shiv’s manager has finally reacted to Vikas’ wife’s allegations and called it a cheap trick. He took to his social media and said he would ask her to speak to the show’s team before making a statement on a public platform.

Check out Shiv Thakare’s manager’s tweet –

After the eviction, Vikas called Shiv a donkey and said that he looks sweet and innocent but is bitter inside. He even called Shiv a trickster and said that he is fooling the audience by pretending to be innocent. Vikas even said that Shiv instigates the contestants and makes them go violent and then plays the victim card. Vikas said that Shiv is a donkey in the face of a horse.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss 16 has been extended after receiving high TRPs and it is reported that the show will end in February. Karan Johar may reportedly replace Salman Khan as the lead for the remaining seasons as the Tiger 3 actor’s contract with the series is expiring.


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