Singer Tei announces his marriage to non-celebrity girlfriend

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Singer Tei announces his marriage to non-celebrity girlfriend

Singer Tei directly conveyed his feelings about his marriage to fans.

On April 17 KST, through his official fan cafe, Tei announced the news of his marriage to fans, saying, “I am trembling, but I am writing to tell you the news before anyone else.”

Tei wrote, “I met someone I respect and value. And now I’d like to become a married couple with that person.

Regarding the bride-to-be he said, “I met her for the first time at a gathering of acquaintances. She was a person who was kind to people and was careful with conversations. This person, a year younger than me, has lived a much more arduous and mature life than her peers with a difficult environment since her school days. ” 

Tei, who is preparing for a simple, private ceremony at an outdoor wedding hall, said, “I am still awkward and nervous because I have not yet informed all of my friends and family of the news. If you give blessings and encouragement in a sincere manner, I will not forget and live a healthy and sincere life in return.”

According to the agency, Tei will have an outdoor wedding on May 29 at a golf course.

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