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Shaan ‘appalled and disgusted’, demands action

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Shaan ‘appalled and disgusted’, demands action

Sonu Nigam was recently involved in a scuffle incident at the Chembur Festival. Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar allegedly held the singer and composer while he was coming down from the stage after a live concert. When Sonu’s friends Rabbani and Hari tried to guard him, the accused allegedly pushed them and they sustained injuries.

After the incident, Sonu filed a complaint with the police. The video from the time has also been going viral on social media with the netizens coming out in his support while condemning the alleged attacker. In the clip, Sonu appeared visibly suprised with what was going on around him.

Sonu’s contemporary, Shaan has also reacted to the incident. He demanded appropriate action against those involved in the scuffle.

Shaan comes out in support of Sonu Nigam

After the incident on Sonu Nigam, Indian Singers Rights Association (ISRA) shared an official statement. Shaan posted ISRA’s statement on his Instagram handle and wrote, “I’m am appalled and disgusted at what has happened .. and in Mumbai ‘!’ A city that is known for its law and order, and safety. As a fellow artist, a fan, as part of fraternity I expect some action to be taken by the Authorities against the miscreants responsible for this rowdy misconduct and violence.”

Meanwhile, after the alleged attack, Sonu was snapped at the Mumbai airport. When questioned by the paprazzi about how he was feeling, the singer said, “everything is fine”. He also thanked them for their concern and well wishes.


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