Self-Care Practices Celebrities Are Teaching Their Kids – SheKnows

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Self-Care Practices Celebrities Are Teaching Their Kids – SheKnows


Parents pass a great many things down to their children, but perhaps one of the most important is how to prioritize and practice self-care — and these celebrity moms are opening up about just how they’ve done so with their own kids.

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Moms including Jessica Alba, Amanda Kloots, and Adriana Lima are aware of just how sponge-like their little ones are, and they go out of their way to consciously practice healthy behaviors in front of their children so their good habits are easily absorbed. Lima verbalized this for Vogue Singapore in 2020, sharing, “As my two daughters have gotten older, I’ve realized that they copy a lot of what I do and my habits, and it’s important for me to make sure they’re copying good ones.”

And for the likes of Serena Williams and Victoria Beckham, sharing self-care rituals with their kids is just plain fun. “Olympia loves to join me during my skincare routine,” Williams told Vogue, adding, “That’s our thing.”

Tamron Hall notes that self-care isn’t just for girls. The talk show host explained to Allure, “We talk so much about teaching self-appreciation to girls, and rightfully so. But as the mom of a son, one of the things I have learned in this 21-month-long journey with this awesome little guy, is that it’s necessary to have the same conversations with boys so they can appreciate themselves — and support women along the way.”

Many celebrity mothers have shared how they’ve passed down their beauty regimens to their children, while others described how important affirmations, movement, nutrition, technology wellness, and more are in terms of teaching their kids how to practice self-care. Read on to pick up a few tips and tricks from some of your favorite celeb mamas, and implement a few into your daily routine with your babies so you can teach them to value caring for themselves, too.



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