Ridhi Mehra completes a decade in fashion world, what makes it tick | Lifestyle Fashion

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Ridhi Mehra completes a decade in fashion world, what makes it tick | Lifestyle Fashion


New Delhi: Designer Ridhi Mehra’s love of balance — staying modern but never compromising on traditions, is what makes her stand out from the rest. Accepting the evolving system whilst taking pride in her culture, has brought her label into the spotlight.

As she completes 10 years in the fashion industry, the designer talks about her journey, the need for affordable luxury, and her upcoming AW’22 collection.

A decade of Label Ridhi Mehra – this is a huge feat, and emotions are intense. A wave of joy, pride and so many other exhilarating sentiments are washing over me as I internalize this beautiful milestone in my brand’s journey. Having been able to contribute to the narrative of Indian Wear for a decade with a creative vision that I have perceived over the years is a genuinely gratifying experience. The label was incepted with the idea of not just introducing affordable luxury into the Indian fashion scene but making it stick among the masses. After 10 years, it is safe to say that I, with my incredible team, pride ourselves on having achieved our goal this far. Ten years of design have been deeply fulfilling. With its equal share of challenges and roadblocks, this design journey has been one filled with immense learning, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We began with our first collection in the year 2012 and only moved forth thereon. Keeping creativity, innovation, and perseverance at the core, the growth process has been satisfyingly exponential and expansive in every aspect. We now launch 7-8 collections in a year, catering to a myriad of seasons, reasons, and moods.

From its initial days of traditional business to the modern-day digital realm, Label Ridhi Mehra has wrapped in its weaves a splendid treasure of craftsmanship, traditions, inspirations, celebrations, and beyond. We’re slowly and steadily making our mark globally which further strengthens my confidence in the promise Label Ridhi Mehra holds.

I take pleasure in the fact that we are now ten years old; alive, thriving, and advancing towards a glorious future. I am genuinely grateful and optimistic, to witness many more such decades realized as milestones in this journey.

What challenges have you faced in the last 10 years to sustain the creative process?

This subject has been one of the most crucial ones we’ve had to address, especially with the pandemic posing as an immense threat. Sustaining artisans under one roof in a challenging industry and environment has been a priority for the brand. It’s the collaborative effort and teamwork that have enabled us to unanimously focus on innovating and sail through hardships.

Redefining tradition with exquisite silhouettes that resonate with every age group, what’s the inspiration behind your latest collection, Dimensions?

Every collection we come up with encompasses a collage of inspirations, influences, perspectives, and so on. For our AW ’22 collection, Dimensions, our object of attention, muse, and model was the multifaceted modern woman. Dimensions broadly arc over an iconic couture capsule playing tastefully with the many elements that make a modern woman. How she’s contemporary chic and at the very same time connected to her roots. The collection is a grand spectacle of new-age statements, old-world charm, and all things gorgeous in between.

Your creations have been adorned by renowned Bollywood divas and fashion influencers, what makes your designs celebrity-friendly?

Our designs are thoughtfully crafted with the intention that they not just add but complement the wearer. Our silhouettes celebrate individuality. Every piece we make emotes, and encourages one to flaunt their best beautiful self, unabashedly.

Over the years you have worked around affordable luxury, do you feel this is what the world of fashion needs?

Affordable luxury is the holy grail for shoppers seeking finesse at the finest price. It is a segment in the ever-evolving fashion market that has opened vistas for consumers and creators alike to focus solely on quality without burning a hole in their pockets.

The consumer is intelligent, conscious, and sensible today which is why a concept like Affordable Luxury is relevant. Investing in affordable luxury is the same as investing in luxury but with the benefit of reasonable pricing, impressive quality, and long-lasting durable products which in turn helps towards being sustainable.

As a designer and a creator, what advice would you like to give aspiring young designers?

From establishing the label to staying relevant and, most recently, Covid, challenges have been a part of the whole growing experience as a brand. My advice to aspiring young designers is: Have a clear vision, follow your intuition, and put in your best. Stay consistent and committed to your art. Believing may sound cliche but it’s a cliche for a reason. It works. So, believe, commit and conquer.

What makes Ridhi Mehra’s designs an epitome of refined Indian dressing with a contemporary approach?

Our designs encourage one to flaunt their best beautiful self: Ridhi Mehra. (Photo Source:IANSLIFE)

Simple lines, intricate embroidery, and elegant silhouettes are the definitions of the Ridhi Mehra Signature collections. A balanced union of tradition with the essence of today is what we prioritize when it comes to design. This design ideology has placed us at the forefront of contemporary fashion for new-age women.

Looking forward to what’s in store for label Ridhi Mehra.

From diving deep into digital advancements to embracing sensible technological avenues of progress, we plan to bring together a self-sustaining powerhouse in the brand that not only inspires but also employs and educates more human resources. The long-term goal for the label is to be the pioneer in establishing Indian fashion in the top tiers in the global scene. We envision a future in the fashion industry where the Indian narrative holds a substantial place as its contemporaries and becomes one of the major mavericks.


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