Retro 80’s fashion making a grand comeback in 2023 – Nairobi News

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Retro 80’s fashion making a grand comeback in 2023 – Nairobi News

It’s no secret that fashion trends are cyclical, and what once was considered tacky or outdated can become the latest trend. In recent years we’ve seen this with the return of ’90s and early aughts styles.

With low-rise jeans, chunky heels, and velour tracksuits coming back in style, it’s more apparent than ever that fashion is constantly recycling and reimagining old trends. So, it should be no surprise that current trends are pointing at ’80s styles coming back in 2023.

When it comes to fashion, the ’80s didn’t take itself too seriously. It was a time for bold prints, bright colors, big hair, and an overall attitude of “more is better.” While it’s doubtful that there will be a full ’80s revival, you can look forward to some of your favorite nostalgic trends coming back with a modern spin. From fun accessories to splashy fabrics to bold silhouettes, 2023 fashion will definitely be taking a page or two from the decade of greed, and we can’t wait.

Here’s what to look out for in the year.

Large and structured bangles

The ’80s were full of fun and bold statement pieces in clothing and accessories. And a style that really illustrates that attitude were the large bangle bracelets that people stacked on their wrists. This fun trend is due to make a comeback in 2023, and you’ll be seeing more and more of these chunky bracelets jangling on everyone’s wrists.

In 2023, however, be sure to set your sights on Egyptian hinged bracelets and armlets which many women are starting to pique interest in. The bold goddess look that is inspired by the jewelery is something every woman aspires to showcase this year.

All things acid washed

Acid-washed denim was all the rage in the ’80s and ’90s, and it’s a trend that is predicted to come back in 2023. This is a fun trend that you can easily add to your wardrobe in the coming seasons.

You can also make the fashion statement as bold or as subtle as you like, and you can dress head to toe in acid-washed denim or purchase one staple piece like an oversized denim jacket or mini denim skirt (coincidentally also predicted to be making a comeback). Although this trend is inspired by the ’80s, you’ll be seeing modern takes on the style in 2023.

Oversized blazers and power suits

The ’80s power suit was more than an iconic fashion moment, it was a statement of women’s empowerment. With more and more women entering the male-dominated business world, the power suit became a staple in many wardrobes. The ’80s power suit is similar to traditional men’s business suits but specifically tailored for women. Its signature cut with padded shoulders and careful tailoring looked powerful while still embracing femininity. Along with the power suit taking off, oversized blazers became a fun way to incorporate the slightly masculine style into more casual everyday outfits.

These styles have been reentering mainstream fashion for a time, but in 2023 their significance has changed slightly. We’re now seeing power suits and blazers worn more androgynously by all genders. The great thing about the blazers is that you can wear them over a wide range of styles. A large blazer can be worn into the office, be used to elevate jeans and a t-shirt, or add an unexpected twist worn over a mini dress.

Bright, bold colors

While ’80s fashion was many things, it definitely wasn’t subtle. When it came to color, brights and neons reigned supreme, and it looks like some of those bold color trends are returning in 2023. We’ll be seeing more and more eye-catching colors, not just as small color pops but often in the whole outfit. We’ve seen the monochromatic trend on the runway for a few years now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s the perfect year to experiment with colors and try something new and exciting.

Shoulder Pads

The ’80s experimented with silhouettes by adding shoulder pads to blazers, blouses, and more casual tops. Shoulder pads have gone in and out of fashion for many decades. They are heavily associated with the ’80s but also made appearances in the ’30s and ’60s.

Ethereal lace ensembles

We’ll be seeing more of this feminine and whimsical fabric in 2023. Pinterest has predicted that 2023 will bring in more airy styles, including lace, ruffles, and tulle. Long-sleeved lace tops have been heavily searched on Pinterest and will likely be a staple piece for layering and wearing on their own.

Polka Dots

The ’80s were all about bold patterns, and one that pop artistes, royalty, and the public couldn’t get enough of were polka dots.

Though polka dots were considered dated, you’ll be seeing more and more polka dot skirts, slip dresses, and tops. When it comes to styling polka dot looks, what has been considered to work in  this modern era is sticking to black and white polka dots for a timeless and safe look. But, if you want to go for a bolder look, you can go for brighter colors like pink, and red, which will play up the fun ’80s feel of any look.

Slouch Boots

The shoe style gets its name because of how the material is relaxed enough to scrunch in some areas, adding texture to any outfit. They’re a versatile fashion piece that can be dressy, casual, and everything in between. Slouch boots can be heeled or flat.

Mojo jackets

Mojo jackets are an edgier take on classic leather jackets inspired by motorcycle or racing outfits. These leather jackets typically include hardware like large zippers and other details. Though the look never went fully out of style, it definitely had its biggest moment in the ’80s, and now the trend is growing again.

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