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Rani Mukerji recalls facing criticism for her ‘special voice’

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Rani Mukerji recalls facing criticism for her ‘special voice’

Rani Mukerji recently talked about the criticism she received for her voice during the initial days in the film industry. The actress shared that numerous people tried to persuade her to have a voice actor dub her dialogues in the movies she featured in.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Rani said, ‘If I had to really believe what other people thought about my voice in the first place then my voice would not have been loved by so many millions of people. If I hadn’t put my foot down and dubbed my own films, people today recognise me with my voice and for me, that’s something that is amazing because not many people thought that my voice could become so special in my years of being in films.”

“I don’t worry about people’s opinions”

Rani Mukerji said that she doesn’t get worried about other people’s opinion of her. According to the Mardaani actress, she takes constructive criticism seriously as it helps her do her job better.

“I don’t really get deterred or worried about what people’s opinions are toward me. Because if I start looking into that then I will have to start living for other people rather than myself. So it’s very important not only as an actor but as a human being to live by your own principles. If there is a criticism that I get that I feel can be constructive criticism where I can correct myself and make that better then I would take that. But if there’s a criticism only because there’s an agenda behind it, then you don’t need to give much heat to it,” the Hichki actress said.

On the work front, Rani is currently busy promoting her next film titled Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway, which will release in theatres on March 17, 2023.


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