PVH Joins $250 Million Fashion Climate Fund

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PVH Joins $250 Million Fashion Climate Fund


The Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein owner has committed $10 million to the fund through its philanthropic arm.

The initiative was launched in June by nonprofit Apparel Impact Institute to finance, scale and de-risk promising solutions that could slash the industry’s carbon emissions in the coming years.

The Fashion Climate Fund counts H&M Group, Lululemon, H&M Foundation and The Schmidt Family Foundation among its initial donors, with each expected to contribute $10 million between now and 2030. In making solutions like renewable energy, coal-free manufacturing and lower-impact and next-generation materials a less risky investment opportunity, the fund estimates that it will unlock a further $2 billion in funding from traditional financial institutions like banks and private equity.

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H&M and Lululemon Back $250 Million Fund to Tackle Fashion’s Climate Impact

The brands are among the lead donors to a new fund, which is designed to de-risk and scale high-impact projects so they can attract up to $2 billion in more conventional financing.


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