Preity Zinta writes My children need to be treated like infants, not celebrities,” after a fan kissed her daughter

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Preity Zinta writes My children need to be treated like infants, not celebrities,” after a fan kissed her daughter

Preity Zinta was recently in India and her encounter here with paps were not so great. She had to experience no so pleasing incidents back to back. And this made the actress send out a stern message to paps and fans.

She took to social media and wrote a long note to make her fans understand that it is not right to do this with their infants. Referring to the incident in which a woman who grabbed the actress’ daughter Gia and kissed her without Preity Zinta’s consent, she wrote, “They are infants and need to be treated like infants, not celebrities.”

She wrote, “A woman tried to take her (Gia’s) photo. When we politely asked her not to, she walked away, then suddenly scooped my daughter in her arms and planted a big wet kiss next to her mouth, and ran off saying what a cute baby. This woman lives in an elite building and happened to be in the garden where my kids were playing. If I wasn’t a celebrity, I probably would have reacted badly but kept my cool as I didn’t want to make a scene.”

She further said, “I think it’s high time people realise that I’m a human being first, then a mom & then a celebrity. I also don’t need to apologise for my success constantly & be bullied for it cuz I’ve worked very hard to get where I am.”

“I have an equal right like anyone else in this country to live the way I want so please think before you judge & please stop blaming celebrities for everything. There are always 2 sides to a story,” the actress wrote.

She continued writing, “Most importantly my children are NOT part of a package deal & are not meant to be preyed on so please Leave my kids alone & don’t come to them for photos or touch/grab them. They are infants & need to be treated like infants,not celebrities.”

Soon after the post was up, many celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan, Malaika Arora and Arjun Rampal came out in her support.

PeeCee commented shocking emoji. Hrithik Roshan wrote, ”Well done Pree.” Arjun Rampal wrote a friendly message in support of Preity Zinta, he said, “Next time give me a call will sort them out (red heart emoji).” Malaika Arora wrote, “You said it out loud and clear”.

Preity Zinta has been away from the big screen for years now after she got married to financial analyst Gene Goodenough in 2016. The couple became parents to twins Gia and Jai in 2021 via surrogacy.

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