Postpone Mom Callie Interviews: Don’t Wait For Your Husband When He Travels Or You’ll Be Like “Rocosopino”

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Postpone Mom Callie Interviews: Don’t Wait For Your Husband When He Travels Or You’ll Be Like “Rocosopino”

  • Ghanaian actress Mama Kali says women should not wait for their husbands when they travel abroad to look for greener pastures
  • Sharing her personal experience, Mama Kali revealed that she divorced her husband and moved on with her life
  • She explained that some women become depressed, their skin color changes, their blood veins become visible and they generally look sick while waiting for their mates

Kumawood actress Mama Kali has warned Ghanaian women to live best when their husbands travel abroad on Delay’s show.

Stunning dresses by Delay and Mama Kali. Photo credit: @delayghana
Source: Instagram

The veteran actress revealed that their second child was only one and a half years old when her husband traveled to the UK. The loving father returned to Ghana when their child was twenty years old.

Mama Kali revealed that most of her friends and family advised her to have more children so she wouldn’t become a “rokosopino”.

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Watch the hilarious video below;

Some social media users commented on the current video posted by Delay on her Instagram page has collected some reactions below;

dextutu2000 said:

Rocosopino is the act of waiting for your spouse who may or may not return from abroad. (Meaning can only be found in the Kumawood encyclopedia) bam!

Thomaserl stated:

This serves her well because most women today prefer the borg, all they are looking for is money, not love

dilvin_baby said:

Long distance marriage is just nansix, nothing about it makes sense

ohemaa_graclyn said:

My grandmother is facing similar challenges and too much depression from not being able to give birth as her husband killed her … she told me to be wherever my husband brought me, he doesn’t agree with divorce and long distance relationship not a good thing

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julysfinest_godsfavourite said:

I, Nana, neither I nor any individual soul in my progeny shall be “Rocosophinized” in Jesus name. Way. You decide to move your leg p3, we won’t do it again

kiaani_gh said:

This woman and punch lines

Beautyhallgh said:

Well like this time di33 your guests nu they came in full force o

Assemstorny stated:

Pls ooo the difference in borga is inside why we beg paa those who say borga borga 3na relationship from a distance makes no sense pls beg you … don’t use your borga without documents come compare someone

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