Popular men’s jewellery pieces for 2023 | Fashion Trends

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Popular men’s jewellery pieces for 2023 | Fashion Trends


ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Accessories and jewellery are meant to elevate any outfit real quick and men’s jewellery, in particular, has become very trendy recently. Even though the idea of men’s jewellery is by no means new, the way they wear it now is very different from how it was in the past and with appropriate styling, it may significantly improve even the most basic of appearances.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Raunak Samdaria, Co-Founder of MetaMan, revealed some must-have men’s jewellery pieces that they need to add to their shopping list right now:

  • A striking bracelet – Bracelets are a brilliant way to accessorize with jewellery for men who don’t generally wear it. Whether you keep it simple with just one or pile several on, they are a perfect companion to your watches.
  • A Panache Pendant – Fashion trends come and go, but a timeless pendant will always remain in vogue. You can always count on that one pendant to elevate your entire outfit. A simple chain with a striking pendant is all you need to deck up this festive season.
  • Rings for the rescue – Rings are a timeless accessory and are so much in trend right now. They’re my personal favourite too. Whether you want to stack ‘em up or wear one plain band, they are an absolute game changer. They are versatile piece of jewellery that fits every persona. And rings are perfect for gifting too!
  • Drool over DRIP – Jewellery talks are incomplete without mentioning Drip. Iced-out products with CZ settings are making everyone drool over these products as the hip-hop culture kicks in stronger. Whether it’s a tiny ring or a fully studded Cuban link chain, you can count on this drip jewellery to sweep in some swag. With the hip-hop culture making it so popular, everyone needs a piece of drip! These stone studded jewellery is the easiest and the most dashing way to make a style statement.

Adding to the list of popular men’s jewellery for 2023, Ayushi Gudwani, Founder and CEO at FS Life, suggested –

  • Sterling Silver Jewellery: The past few months have seen a big surge in the popularity of sterling silver in the jewelry world. While gold jewelry remains the go to for any traditional functions, sterling silver has become a great alternative for those who want an element of preciousness yet go for a modern design sensibility.
  • Florals: Evident from the ongoing consumer trends, minimal, intricate and adorning have become the keywords while picking jewelry. These key drivers are here to stay. From dresses to handbags to now jewelry, flowers have the versatility of beautifying even the most ordinary things. 3D blooms are making their mark in all pieces of jewelry, earrings, rings, pendants and so on.
  • Statement Rings: What’s that one piece of jewelry that has the ability to round off the overall look, be it a formal gathering or a coffee date or an evening in Paris? Statement rings are the perfect add on to bring that bling which elevates the whole look. Cocktail rings with embellishments or unmissable stones are a win win and will continue to soar high.
  • Hearts: From heart shaped balloons to heart-shaped valentine cards to heart-shaped friendship-pendants, the heart-shape has always been a good idea. With the coming year as well, hearts/heart-shaped jewelry will make their way to the top.
  • Pearls: If asked about the most timeless jewelry you own, the answer is likely to be pearls. They have been there since forever and this time they’re foreseen to become even bigger. From danglers to necklaces to the most intricate bracelets, one can never go wrong with pearls.
  • Gemstones: While we talk of versatility in the jewelry world, gemstones can never be missed. The natural color pop or the muted elegance, a gemstone gives it all at once. A trend that’s meant to rise is further.

In today’s time and age, you can find jewellery being spotted on every celebrity, artist and public figure who doesn’t shy out from adoring jewellery and accessories to complete their outfit look and express themselves.


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