Plymouth set for influx of celebrities including Olly Murs this bank holiday weekend

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Plymouth set for influx of celebrities including Olly Murs this bank holiday weekend

Plymouth is set to see an influx of famous faces in the city this weekend, from X-Factor and The Voice star Olly Murs – who recently married Plymouth beauty Amelia Tank – to Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio.

Ricci and TikTokers Astrid Wett and DJ Suat are all making appearances at clubs around the city, but Olly Murs is set to play his Marry Me gig at Plymouth Pavilions on August 28.

So keep your eyes peeled and you might just bump into a celebrity. It comes as Joey Essex was supposed to visit Fever and Boutique, but the event is now cancelled.

Fever and Boutique is now hosting a meet and greet with TikToker Astrid Wett, who has more than 1.3M followers. Astrid, whose real name is Samantha Bullimore Wilmot, also has more than 69,000 subscribers on YouTube.

A Fever and Boutique spokesperson said: “Exclusive meet and greet with one of the UK’S BIGGEST TIKTOK STARS!! Astrid Wett has a huge social media presence on TikTok with 44.4M Likes, 1.3M Followers & Instagram with 437K Followers.

Astrid Wett celebrates after beating Keeley Colbran during the prelim match (Image: Getty Images)

“The 23-year-old content creator from the South of England is also the market leader in female football content, with well over 100 million impressions a month across all platforms! Astrid also is the first ever women’s influencer boxing champion and competes in many celebrity boxing matches.” The event is taking place on Saturday, August 26. You can get more information here.

The same night, Popworld will see George Shore star Ricci make an appearance. It will also give you an opportunity to star in the upcoming Popworld TV series on YouTube. Ricci is said to be set to visit around midnight and there are half-price drinks on offer until 10pm.

Geordie Shore star Ricci Guarnaccio(Image: Manchester Evening News)

On Sunday, August 27, Strobe Nightclub is welcoming DJ Suat, a TikToker who is on a mission to become “the world’s first extreme DJ athlete”. He said: “You may have seen me in a cave, a kayak, or getting arrested by police – all for the love of DJing and chunky beats, but now I am here to change the game forever.”

DJ Suat is has racked up over 100 million views with the world’s first paragliding DJ set, a boat rave in a cave, DJing while kayaking on Amsterdam’s canals, abseiling DJ sets & getting arrested while DJing in Italy amongst several other crazy stunts that can be found on his social media handles all for the love of DJing and chunky beats!

Then on Monday, the Dance With Me Tonight singer will be putting on a show at Plymouth Pavilions – and it is thought his new wife Amelia will be in the crowd.

Olly and Amelia enjoy a romantic dinner in Paris(Image: Olly Murs/ Instagram)

Earlier this year, Olly told PlymouthLive: “I wanted to keep it a secret for the family at Christmas but I’d known for ages. I spoke to my agent and said, ‘Look, I want to end my tour in Plymouth’ and I explained it all to him, and he said we could make it work.

“Obviously we’re doing arenas, we’re doing these big festivals show, so the Pavilions is actually the smallest venue. It’s going to be the most intimate of the tour but I think it’s a really good way to end the ‘Marry Me’ tour by doing it to the woman that I’m marrying in her hometown of Plymouth with all her friends and family there and all the Janners! I look forward to it.”

“The tour itself I want to be like a wedding day,” Olly said. “It’s going to really feel like weddings feel – really fun, a lot of love. The songs and the setlist I picked is really upbeat and fun and there’s a lot of love in there as well.

“It’s going to be a really great night and I think everyone will love it. I’ve got the O2 to do, I’ve got all these other big arenas but actually I’m probably more nervous about doing the Pavilions… the fact that all of Amelia’s family have never seen me on tour, they’ll be like my critics… I’m actually going to be asking all her family after the show, ‘Did you like it?’.”

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