Peloton Ed Sheeran Classes & Interviews for New Album Subtract (Outdoor Audio Walking Classes)

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Peloton Ed Sheeran Classes & Interviews for New Album Subtract (Outdoor Audio Walking Classes)

Peloton has brand new classes this morning in support of Ed Sheeran’s latest album Take out.

There are 3 classes available – all are outdoor audio walking classes. That means they’re only available for use on the Peloton app (which is about to have new pricing tiers later this month.

These classes are a new format for Peloton – they feature Ed Sheeran explaining the background behind some of the songs and doing a mini interview with John Hosking as the class progresses. You’ll hear Ed between each song as the hour progresses.

In addition, members can listen to songs from the new album, which was just released today. If you take the 60-minute course, you’ll hear every song on the album.

John Hosking sat down with Ed Sheeran in person to record the classes, as highlighted in some behind-the-scenes photos from Peloton Studios’ Instagram account, seen below:

John Hosking and Ed Sheeran record Peloton’s new classes. Image credit @PelotonStudios on Instagram.

You can find the full list of new Peloton Ed Sheeran classes below. As mentioned earlier, these are all outdoor audio walking classes.

List of Ed Sheeran Extraction Peloton classes

A brand new badge is also available for taking one of these 3 classes. You can find a full list of Peloton badges here.

Peloton discussed the new class format in a press release:

In time for the launch of Subtract around May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, and in an effort to meet members wherever they are, Peloton is ramping up its content for Peloton Outdoor, providing members with a one-of-a-kind training experience, which combines music, movement and dialogue from Sheeran himself. Each class follows a similar format with introductions from Hosking, Heinze and Sheeran who will welcome members to join them on a musical journey through conscious and engaging low impact walks. Content features Sheeran sharing personal anecdotes about Subtract and mental health with the Peloton community. 30- and 60-minute courses are available, as well as a 30-minute German course with Heinze. The 60-minute class format will allow members to have the full album experience while enjoying the outdoors, a first for Peloton.

 Peloton highlights Ed Sheeran's new classes on the Peloton app
Peloton highlights Ed Sheeran’s new classes on the Peloton app.

Peloton has highlighted that this is a new format for artist collaborations, beyond what they’ve done with their traditional artist series classes – so it’s possible we’ll see more album releases like this in the future:

We’re starting a whole new way to collaborate with an artist this drop,” said Gwen Bethel Riley, Peloton’s senior vice president of music and content partnerships.

This isn’t the first time Peloton has highlighted Ed Sheeran’s music. To celebrate the opening of the new Peloton Studios London, Peloton held a series of Ed Sheeran artists in 2021.

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