Paparazzi who regularly snaps Meghan Markle reveals tactic to photograph celebs | World News

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Paparazzi who regularly snaps Meghan Markle reveals tactic to photograph celebs | World News

A paparazzi member who photographs Meghan Markle regularly has boasted about the method she uses to avoid being caught while taking photos of celebrities. The most recent photo of Meghan that the pap, Jill Ishkanian, took is just a few days old. On July 14, she photographed Meghan at a Montecito flower market.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, arrives at the Invictus Games venue in The Hague, Netherlands (AP Photo/Peter Dejong, File)(AP)

Jill has now revealed that she uses her gender to get close to celebrities to snap them. “On the first pictures I took of her [Meghan] she smiled at me and she thought ‘she’s a woman’,” Jill said, according to GBNews. “Everyone talks about equal rights and I’ll tell you what, I have even more power as a woman than a male paparazzi because they don’t think I’m anything. So I picked up my iPhone, I knew if I picked up a big camera, she’s trouble.”

Jill Ishkanian recalls how she took Meghan Markle’s recent photo

Jill told Newsweek that since her mother is local to an area in Montecito where Meghan and Prince Harry are based. Jill, therefore, spends a lot of time there.

Jill opened up on how she took Meghan’s latest photo. “I saw a pink and white striped golf cart with Katy Perry’s dad holding flowers standing next to it talking to someone,” Jill said.

She continued, “I said ‘Oh my God, here’s my chance to get Katy Perry’s dad.’ So I flipped the car around. I was trying to cross to go into a parking area and this big guy in a blue shirt was in front of my car and then he backed away. Then he flipped his hand and said go ahead. This was Meghan’s bodyguard that I was talking to.”

“I come up and I see Katy Perry’s dad and I look and there’s a woman who looks like Meghan Markle standing next to him,” Jill added. “I start taking pictures and here comes the blue shirt guy, big guy, and I realise that’s her bodyguard and absolutely that’s her.”

Meghan and Harry previously said that they were in a “near catastrophic” car chase involving paps earlier this year.

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