OETC conducts personal hiring interviews for 50 job seekers

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OETC conducts personal hiring interviews for 50 job seekers
OETC conducts personal hiring interviews for 50 job seekers


Nutmeg: Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) has completed personal interviews for the recruitment of 50 job seekers, in coordination with the Ministry of Labour, the Public Service Regulatory Authority (APSR) and the holding company Nama, where the Ministry of Labour.

APSR previously announced these opportunities through the associated training facility, which employs 800 Omanis in the electricity sector in the Sultanate. OETC conducted personal interviews with approximately 150 applicants for the available jobs to select 50 job seekers to work in supervisory and technical positions such as assistant engineer, maintenance supervisor, health, safety and environment officer, electrician and installers lines.

The company has formed three committees to conduct personal interviews and evaluate candidates to select those who are qualified to join the contracting companies to replace the expatriates.

Regarding the company’s efforts to provide employment opportunities to national staff, Mubarak Al-Jahwari, Senior Manager of Human Resources, said: “The company is committed to achieving a high Omanization rate for our national staff, as the Omanization rate of the company has reached 95 percent and we are currently working with our partner “contractor companies” to replace expatriates with national staff and in the coming days 50 job seekers will be trained and hired and we are trying to increase this number consistently.

He added: “We will continue to support Omani youth and provide them with on-the-job training opportunities as the company annually trains a number of graduates from various universities and colleges to enhance their skills and knowledge to prepare them for labor market. “


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