Not Your Usual Ride To Work: Fashion Show Takes Over Nagpur Metro

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Not Your Usual Ride To Work: Fashion Show Takes Over Nagpur Metro

What do you imagine when you think of travelling on a metro train? Probably rush, crowd and commuters looking for seats while the usual announcements play in the background. But what if we tell you that you can even watch a fashion show while travelling in a metro? And no, not on your phone! All you need to do is to travel to Nagpur and board a metro there. Yes, you read that right. Taking the term ‘metro chic’ too seriously, a group of fashionistas conducted a full-fledged fashion show inside a moving train in Nagpur.

On Sunday, August 28, metro coaches in Nagpur were brimming with passengers out and about with their families. But what happened next was a delightful twist that no one saw coming.

As the metro train cruised along its tracks, it became a canvas for a unique and breathtaking fashion show that left passengers of all ages enchanted. From toddlers and children to seasoned travellers, everyone was in for an unexpected treat.

Take a look:

What made this event truly extraordinary was its theme – culture and heritage. The participants, ranging in age from 2 to 50, graced the impromptu catwalk and donned a stunning array of ethnic outfits, each piece telling a story of India’s rich culture. They complimented their attire with exquisite Indian jewellery that gleamed and sparkled as they gracefully moved through the train. Their attires were reportedly designed by budding fashion designers, studying at various fashion institutes in the city.


The sight was nothing short of a visual treat for the commuters. Passengers, who had boarded the metro expecting just another ordinary ride, found themselves swept up in the joyous spectacle. They cheered, clapped, and couldn’t help but become part of this unique celebration.

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  • This fabulous fashion show had each model adding their own touch of style and elegance to the moving train. According to the reports, this event was made possible through Nagpur Metro’s ‘Celebration on Wheel’ initiative, a concept that opens the metro’s doors to various organisations, groups, and individuals to host events on board for a small fee.

    Now one can clearly say that in a world where fashion has transcended the conventional ramps and boutiques, the runway stretches as far as the eye can see. So, the next time you hop onto the metro in Nagpur or elsewhere, keep an eye out for the unexpected. Your daily commute might just turn extraordinary.

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    first published: August 29, 2023, 12:10 IST

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