NCT DREAM interview: the band on growing up in the spotlight and their “biggest turning point”

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NCT DREAM interview: the band on growing up in the spotlight and their “biggest turning point”


Mark: I would tell my pre-debut self that I’m doing good and that I should keep up the hard work. I would also like to tell myself to enjoy my teenage life more while I can, and to try as many different hobbies as possible.

Haechan: I’d like to tell myself to enjoy those moments a little more, and to continue improving while making sure to reflect back on myself.

Looking back at almost 6 years you’ve spent together as a group, do you have any particular favorite memories that spring to mind?

Chenle: This is a moment I remember very vividly. Before we started our first concert, when we were out in the wires and getting ready to prepare, they were playing our songs and all of our fans were singing along, and that was a really, really touching moment that still remains in my mind very clearly.

Haechan: I remember our concerts the most. When we prepare for a concert, we get to work together with several individuals. During that whole process, our focus was on creating a concert that’s truly ours, and it made me realize how much I’ve grown as we worked towards creating that.

Jeno: It would probably be when Mark returned and we came back as seven members and were able to prepare our album together. That would probably be one of the biggest turning points for NCT DREAM.

Mark: My personal favorite memory was when we all got back together for our first full-length album, Hot Sauce. Not only was it because we newly gathered back as 7 members, but the energy we had was just so strong and it felt like we had never been that closely connected before. I learned, not just then, but every time I’m with the guys, that teamwork is the core to our success, and I believe there’s so much more we can achieve because we’re together. We need each other equally. We are still working with that mentality and energy together even now and will continue to keep this going in the future.

After so many years together, is their anything you’ve learned from each other?

Jaemin: More so than something we’ve learned from each other, I think one important thing that we’ve taken from this is just finding out how precious it is to have each other, and to be able to rely on each other, in the midst of all these busy schedules and whatnot. A lot of that energy and support can come from one member, can come from two or three, can come from, you know, everyone in the team, and it’s because of each other that we’re really able to move forward. It’s our members that lift up the vibe together.

We’re now almost halfway through 2022, do you have any specific goals you want to aim for by the end of it?

Jisung: I debuted at 14 and I’m now 20, and what I’ve realized throughout that is that there’s so little time. I think it’s a good moment now to really be able to not only think of the things that I want to do, but to really put those into action.

Chenle: Before each comeback and each album, we always go in with the goal of how to have fun and make good memories together. That in itself is actually still ongoing. It’s always one of our goals, and even for all of our upcoming activities and albums as well, it’s something we’re going to continue to pursue. Just have fun and make sure no one gets injured.

Finally, is there anything you’re really looking forward to in the future?

Chenle: If there’s anything we’re looking forward to in the future, it’s just being able to continue together as seven members. We don’t need anything else. That’s all we need, to see each other and to be able to perform together.

Haechan: I am really looking forward to going on a world tour with our NCT DREAM members. It’s what I want to do and look forward to the most.


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