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NBA style power rankings: Why Kyle Kuzma remains a fashion statement

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NBA style power rankings: Why Kyle Kuzma remains a fashion statement

Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma won an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. He also is a polarizing figure in NBA fashion. Regardless of what’s said about him, few can boast about being on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Whether you love or hate his fits, they get people’s attention. One of the most famous outfits Kuzma rocked in recent memory was his oversized pink Raf Simons sweater. It was such a discussion piece that the Wizards turned it into a bobblehead in January.

This week, we’ll rank Kuzma’s best fits of the season thus far. Take a look below:

Kuzma is a Flint, Mich., native, so it’s only right to include his Detroit Tigers jersey on his trip back to his home state to play the Pistons. The orange base is my favorite Tigers jersey, and he styled it with a white hoodie and orange bucket hat.

The ability to layer — add a white hoodie and match the hoodie with the shoes — is something that’d typically warrant appreciation, but this is what we’ve come to expect from Kuzma in the fashion world.

There are several different versions of Kuzma, but cardigan Kuz is one of my favorite versions. The bucket hat, indeed, will become a trend in this piece. He paired the dark-green baggy pants and dark-green shirt under a black wool cardigan.

Kuzma’s pants actually looked hemmed to show off his black boots. He’s not as demonstrative with his accessories as others around the NBA, but his pearl necklace here has a shade of green to match his fit.

For the most part, Kuzma’s fits can be hit or miss, but I can appreciate this look for a few reasons. The first being the leather shirt. At first glance, it almost looks like a jacket, but it’s indeed a button-down leather shirt.

The rose-gold watch and futuristic shades make for great accessory pieces. And the hat is something I’ve never seen before: Look close enough, and notice a pocket above the brim. If I had to bet on anyone wearing something I’ve never seen before, my money would be on Kuz.

January temperatures in Milwaukee were right at freezing, so Kuzma’s light-brown trench coat was more than necessary. The brown leather looks intentionally worn to give it a bit more character than your average leather jacket.

Aside from his tortoise shell glasses, Kuzma opted for all black from his slacks to his boots and T-shirt. Notice the only splash of black on this coat is a sole button. He also added a small gold chain to include a piece of jewelry that doesn’t take away from the fit itself.

6. Oct. 14 vs. New York Knicks

Madison Square Garden can command some of the most recognized fits from players across the league. Kuzma wore his multicolored cardigan with a tucked white T-shirt that allows us to appreciate the cardigan even more.

His white shoes have a blue sole that coordinates with the blue in his cardigan. He’s also wearing a pair of white glasses that flow seamlessly with the shoes and shirt.

Rather than our typical pregame outfit, here’s Kuzma’s argyle on the bench. He found a pair of pants and a bucket hat that matched to a tee. Overall, this is a fit that instantly would make Kuzma a fan favorite and likely best dressed at your local golf club.

This look may not be all black, but it’s close enough as Kuzma goes with various blacks and dark blues to achieve a sleek appearance. The dark-blue trench coat, black patterned shirt  and dress pants are definite statement pieces, but my favorite part of this fit is Kuzma’s gold watch peeking between his left sleeve and pocket.

Something about Kuzma’s scarf over his head makes this fit feel a bit upper-class in the best way possible. His gray trench coat is a nice pattern that matches well with his ripped jeans.

On paper, this fit may not look as fly as it does here, but it’s a discreet “I don’t want to be seen right now, but if I do, I want to look good” kind of fit. I love it.

2. Dec. 7 vs. Chicago Bulls

Kuzma’s peacoat look seems to set a tone that this night was all business. His scarf and small Goyard suitcase-shaped toiletry bag enhance this look. The shades, dress shoes and slacks are standard for Kuzma, but these accessories stand out because of how they contrast to the rest of the fit.

Although he and the Wizards lost this game, Kuzma won the pregame fit.

1. March 10 vs. Hawks

We’ve had no shortage of coats and jackets from Kuzma on this list, but this is my favorite. The brown and blue pattern works together very well, and the light-brown pants seem to accentuate the jacket just right.

Tucking in the shirt here looks to me like an attempt to show off the belt, and I respect it. Take a look at Kuzma’s gray Yankees fitted hat. It’s distressed, similar to a pair of jeans. I haven’t seen too many hats with his design before.

(Photo: Stephen Gosling / NBAE via Getty Images)

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