Nagpur’s unconventional Metro train fashion show

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Nagpur’s unconventional Metro train fashion show

On the pleasant Sunday of August 28, the metro carriages in Nagpur were bustling with passengers enjoying their day with family. However, an unexpected and delightful turn of events was about to unfold.

As the metro train glided along its tracks, it transformed into an artistic platform for an unparalleled fashion display that left passengers of all ages utterly mesmerized. From the tiniest toddlers to seasoned travelers, everyone was in for an astonishing surprise. What lent an extraordinary touch to this spectacle was its theme – a celebration of culture and heritage. The participants, spanning ages from 2 to 50, graced an impromptu runway, adorned in a magnificent array of traditional ensembles, each narrating a chapter of India’s illustrious cultural story.

Accompanied by splendid Indian jewelry that glistened and dazzled as they elegantly moved through the train, their outfits told tales of India’s opulent heritage. These outfits were reportedly curated by aspiring fashion designers, currently honing their skills at diverse fashion institutes in the city. For the commuters, this sight was a visual feast like no other.

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