Mumbai Police gives lesson on cyber security in a quirky way: Sabki Pasand Strong Passwords

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Mumbai Police gives lesson on cyber security in a quirky way: Sabki Pasand Strong Passwords


Cyber security is a global issue. However, our lawmakers and law enforcers always make sure to aware citizens of it. Speaking of which, Mumbai Police, which is known for their savage posts on social media, has come up with yet another quirky post and by looking at it, all we can say is that its social media team deserves a raise. Their innovative ways to enlighten their audience cannot be compared. In a recent post on Twitter, they shared a lesson on cyber security with a mix of entertainment.

In the video, to impart the message of cyber security, they used a reference to an old washing powder advertisement. While sharing the video, they wrote, “Sabki Pasand Strong Passwords.” 

See here:

Previously, they had used the reference of the Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’ to impart the message on cyber safety. While sharing the post, Mumbai Police’s social team wrote, “What should you say to ‘Anna-onymous’ calls asking for your OTP? “I do not have time for this!” #InventingSaferCyberSpace #StayCyberSafe.” They also posted a short video, referring to the snippet from the series, and wrote, “You’re bank a/c to you when you share your OTP with stranger—You are poor.”

Earlier too, Mumbai Police took reference from the famous series The Big Bang Theory to spread awareness on cyber security. In the tweet shared by Mumbai Police, Sheldon can be seen patronising Arthur. ‘But first I think the fact that you use your birthday as your password is embarrassing,’ says Sheldon. Through their innovative tweet, the Mumbai Police urged people to not create obvious passwords which make committing cybercrimes a piece of cake. Along with the clip, the team wrote, “Scissors Cuts Paper. Paper Covers Rock. Birthdates as password gives your bank account shock. #CyberSecurity”.

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