Megyn Kelly slams Nicola Peltz as “desperate for attention” over risqué outfit

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Megyn Kelly slams Nicola Peltz as “desperate for attention” over risqué outfit

Megyn Kelly, the outspoken television personality, didn’t hesitate to unleash her criticism on actress Nicola Peltz, labeling her as “desperate for attention” following her daring fashion choice. Peltz, known for her marriage to Brooklyn Beckham, was recently photographed wearing an eye-catching all-mesh catsuit during a romantic evening out in Los Angeles.

The Transformers star’s bold outfit left little to the imagination and garnered significant attention, even leading her to share a photo of herself in the revealing ensemble on Instagram.

Kelly, never one to hold back, took to Twitter to share an article about Peltz’s night out, adding her own acerbic commentary: “Women desperate for attention goes out to dinner in her underwear.” The response to her post was mixed, with some questioning the actress’s lack of modesty, while others accused Kelly of hypocrisy, referencing her past choices such as wearing low-cut skirts during her tenure at the conservative news network.

This incident is just one example of Kelly’s recent tendency to target celebrities and scrutinize their lifestyles. Previously, she took offense to Charlize Theron‘s support for drag queens, expressing her strong disagreement with the actress.

Kelly also hasn’t held back in her criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, accusing them of orchestrating staged public appearances and exaggerating the significance of a recent paparazzi car chase.

Kelly slams celebrities and politicians

In addition to her commentary on Hollywood stars, Kelly has also voiced her dissatisfaction with political figures. She recently took aim at Republican candidate Ron DeSantis, criticizing the lackluster launch of his campaign on Twitter, describing it as “embarrassing” and “awkward.” Her candid remarks on these various topics have become a hallmark of her public persona.

Love her or hate her, one thing is certain: Megyn Kelly isn’t afraid to share her opinions and stir up debates. Her unfiltered commentary consistently generates strong reactions and keeps her in the spotlight. As she continues to make her voice heard, it’s clear that Kelly will remain a provocative figure in the realms of both entertainment and politics.

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