Luthra comes face to face with Preeta; Will Nidhi succeed in her plan?

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Luthra comes face to face with Preeta; Will Nidhi succeed in her plan?

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler Alert Ahead: In the last song of Kundali Bhagya we saw see Palki (Sana Sayad) meeting Rakhi Maa (Anisha Hinduja). The police want an arrest Rajvir (Paras Kalnavat), but Rajveer and the rest of the family run to the outhouse. There we see Preeta (Shraddha Arya) and Karan (Shakti Anand) remained in the fire. Nidhi tells her friend that Preeta is alive. She plans to kill Preeta. Rajveer runs to save his mother and father. The otters also go to the fire. They are the first to see Karan and save him from the fire. Rajveer informs everyone that Preeta was also caught in a fire. We will see how Shaurya and Rajveer go to save her and Luthras is very happy to know that Preeta is alive. Also Read – Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twist: Karan Luthra plans to reunite with Preeta; second son Rajveer WARNS against it

Prieta and Karan are taken to hospital

In the upcoming Kundali Bhagya song, we can see Preeta (Shraddha Arya) and Karan being taken to the hospital as they fall unconscious due to the fire incident. When Karan regains consciousness, he will ask about Preeta, but Rajveer (Paras Kalnawat) clearly tells him to stay away from her. Karan (Shakti Anand) questions him about his relationship with Preeta, but Rajveer remains silent. The upcoming Kundali Bhagya song is going to be super dramatic as we see Karan and Preeta finally meet. Preeta is trying to remember everything at the insistence of the family and hence will move again to the Luthra mansion. Also Read – Kundali Bhagya upcoming twist: Nidhi plans to kill Preeta; Will Shaurya and Rajveer be able to save her?

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming twist

The upcoming Kundali Bhagya song is going to be very interesting because we get to see how Nidhi puts her plan into action. She will try to kill Preeta but Rajveer will come and foil her plans. Rajeev will not know about Nidhi’s actions. Let’s wait and see how the twist unfolds for the Lutra family. Rajveer will soon learn about Nidhi’s games. He will finally understand that everything happened because of Nidhi and that there is no fault of Karan and his family in Preeta’s tragedy. Nidhi is currently planning to kill Preeta but she doesn’t understand that this time the whole family will be with Preeta including her two sons Rajveer and Shaurya who will always protect her. Also Read – Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twist: Preeta meets Karan, but her memory fails her; how will rajveer get his family?

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