Lucy Liu, David Harbour, Seth Rogan among celebrities to join picket line

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Lucy Liu, David Harbour, Seth Rogan among celebrities to join picket line

Lucy Liu, David Harbour, Seth Rogan among celebrities to join picket line

Los Angeles, Aug 1 (IANS) Carla Gugino, Lucy Liu, Paul Giamatti, David Harbour and Seth Rogan were among the host of celebrities, who joined the picket line in New York and Los Angeles, as the Hollywood strike entered the third-week.

Carla, 51, looked comfortable in a black V-neck top and red jeans.

The ‘Leopard Skin’ star styled her dark, curly hair into a high ponytail and wore large aviator glasses as she joined her fellow strikers in New York, Daily Mail reported.

Lucy, 54, marched by her in solidarity wearing a white T-shirt and jeans and a brown leather belt.

The ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ star placed a faded black billed cap over her dark bob and wore large, dark sunglasses.

Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti, 56, tried to keep cool in the concrete wearing a gray collared shirt, blue shorts and black sneakers.

‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbour, 48, wore a black SAG-AFTRA Strong with black jeans and sneakers.

He wore a black billed cap and carried a strike sign and a cup of coffee.

‘Billions’ star Samantha Mathis, 53, beat the heat in green khaki shorts and a black SAG-AFTRA T-shirt and sneakers.

She pulled her blonde locks up and placed them beneath a black billed cap.

‘Oppenheimer’ actor David Krumholtz, 45, joined the picket line in New York in a black and brown plaid shirt, tan shorts and sneakers.

He wrote a long message on Instagram that read “AMPTP can end this nonsense with one sit down with @sagaftra leadership. Put thousands upon thousands of people back to work.”.

“Make no mistake, there are GOOD PEOPLE on the other side of this. But they are deathly frightened of rocking the AMPTP’s boat for fear they may be blacklisted,” he posted, adding, “That is a travesty and a damn shame.”

“There are a small handful of truly powerful people in Hollywood,” he continued. “They sit, clandestine, in the shadows, on the boards of conglomerate corporations that Hollywood studios only represent a percentage of.”

“They are defining the terms by which so many now struggle. The game is a cutthroat gamble,” he said.

In Los Angeles, Seth Rogan, 41, and Martin Starr, 41, joined in the walk in front of Paramount Studios.

Seth and Martin are both writers and actors.

Actors went out on strike July 13, joining the already striking Writers Guild of America members who walked out May 2, after their contract expired.

This is the first time since 1960 that actors and writers have been on strike simultaneously.

Both groups are asking for more pay, better working conditions and protection from Artificial Intelligence.

Writers are concerned studios will replace them with AI to write scripts, while actors are concerned about their images and performances being digitally altered without permission or compensation.

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