London Fashion Week Street Style: A Lesson In Layering

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London Fashion Week Street Style: A Lesson In Layering


London Fashion Week may be known for its innovation and creativity on the catwalks, but fashion insiders know that the UK-based leg of the four fashion capital showcases has just as much wardrobe inspo sitting front row as it does on the runway itself.

The street style set in New York may be known and loved for their minimalism and chic simplicity, in Milan for their rich, luxurious exuberance and in Paris for their major designer moments and high drama, those attending London Fashion Week are expected to really push the boundaries of fashion and experiment in a way in which the other cities wouldn’t tend to dare. 

And Londoners are nothing if not willing to rise to a challenge… 

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This season saw an unexpected drop in temperatures, rendering September’s shows a far less balmy affair than we’re used to. Of course, in fashion terms, this was great news, marking the return of every savvy dresser’s favourite styling tool; layering.

And no, we aren’t simply referring to putting a coat on.

We’re talking long opera gloves and thigh socks with sheer dresses. We’re talking shirts and boots beneath long summer dresses. We’re talking giant blouse collars layered atop functional outerwear. We’re talking oversized blazers with nearly-naked skirts.

Do you see where we’re going with this?

Layering isn’t just about practicality. It’s about mixing juxtaposing textures and concepts. It’s about unusual visual concoctions. It’s about pairing the unexpected, and wearing it with confidence.

Scroll down to see all the innovative layering lessons from the home-leg of the four fashion capitals…

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