Lida Safaryan: The Premium Banking service best highlights IDBank’s strategy

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Lida Safaryan: The Premium Banking service best highlights IDBank’s strategy

What are the requirements of the customer using financial products? Lida Safaryan, head of the Premium Banking department at IDBank, answers.

It’s no secret that customer needs are increasing: today’s customer satisfaction is a more difficult metric to achieve. As Head of Premium Banking, what are the main criteria you will distinguish in terms of customer service?

You are absolutely right. Along with the technological progress, especially the customers who use financial services, they are making more and more demands, the main components of which are the following:

• Growing demand for digital products. People don’t want to break away from their daily lives, but financial transactions can’t wait.

• The client wants to receive a more complete package of services, i.e. to receive several services in one place; here again we come to the problem of saving time.

• A customer who likes to visit the bank often needs real, human contact.

In other words, customers today in every field need correct, thoughtful, planned communication. Considering all these criteria, Premium banking service was established in IDBank, which has been operating for 5 years, has managed to find wide recognition and is loved by customers.

If we talk about Premium Banking itself, it operates under the motto “Your Personal Service Package”: what does the slogan mean and how does it translate in terms of customer service?

Premium Banking itself is an individual service aimed at meeting the client’s financial needs, which includes a wide range of options. IDBank strives to be a client’s partner, not a financial institution that only plays the role of an intermediary in the market. And to be a partner means to understand the partner’s approaches, his requirements and possibilities and, already complying with all these criteria, to offer him a package of services to solve his financial problems. Apart from market demand, the Premium Banking service best highlights IDBank’s strategy: to be next to the customer, work for the customer and be the bank of first choice for them. In other words, to provide the client with a full range of services that will solve all financial problems, regardless of location or time.

If we have to briefly describe the advantages of Premium Banking, why should the customer choose Premium Banking?

As I already mentioned, our customers using Premium Banking are not just customers, but our partners. Each premium client is assigned a personal manager who literally studies the financial needs of the given client and finds and offers the best and most convenient solution for each client. It is important to note that the majority of services can be provided remotely, i.e. the customer does not need to visit the Premium Banking service room.

However, it is important to emphasize that many of our customers sometimes prefer to visit us, as they are served in a dedicated hall located in the heart of the city, at 6 North Avenue, where all the conditions have been created to combine the pleasant with the useful. Here it is possible to make financial transactions and at the same time use the cafe located on the first floor. Idworking is also located in the same area where self-employed people can work. We created this interesting combination of giving the customer what he needs while saving his time, because perhaps the most valuable resource now is time. By the way, premium customers can also use the meeting rooms, which are provided for free, you just need to register in advance.

As an advantage, I can point out that Premium Banking customers use a number of banking services under preferential conditions.

And in general, it is difficult to list all the advantages, because, let me emphasize, we are guided by the following principle: to solve the client’s problems, to keep him away from trouble in all possible ways and to provide him with a comfortable, modern service experience.

Let’s go back to the slogan: “Your package of personal services”. What do you need to do to get services under this slogan and what is included in the package?

The package is available completely free of charge to those customers of the Bank who have a deposit or credit with IDBank of USD 100,000 or equivalent in another currency, or a Visa Infinite Premium card.

Since the package is individual, it is made for each client of Premium Banking according to the financial requirements of the specific client. We are also talking about comprehensive and quality consultations for banking services. And the package includes a number of services and privileges, special rates for banking services, travel insurance for one year and much more: an experienced personal manager guides and supports customers, offering the best solutions according to individual financial needs and preferences. You can keep in touch with a personal manager even when you are abroad or for example after the end of the banking day. Our clients can also be served in their office. Family members of our customers can also be served in the Premium Banking service lounge, using a privileged package of services, receiving Visa Gold cards and a number of other services.

We have already mentioned the fact that the world is going digital and as you mentioned, you serve Premium Banking customers and remotely. What other service methods are available?

We also serve our customers in the traditional way – we are talking about a visit to the Bank, and of course we also have alternative solutions. By organizing the service at the client’s workplace or at a place convenient for him, as well as remotely, given the digitalization trends you have indicated. Our client authenticates via Skype Call and performs banking transactions without visiting the Bank.

Of course, the advantages you mentioned are important especially for business customers who need to quickly solve financial problems without wasting additional time. At the same time, such clients are usually not limited to the borders of the Republic of Armenia and may have financial relations in other countries. What solutions can the bank provide to Premium customers if they want, for example, to make investments outside of Armenia?

In this case, premium banking can act as an intermediary for its partner international organizations to provide the necessary consultation and, if necessary, also help in opening accounts in foreign banks and making investments.

The very name Premium Banking implies the presence of privileged conditions, some of which we have already talked about. Being a Premium Banking customer is supposed to mean being a privileged customer. As a result of your analysis, what is the target group of the service?

Being a Premium Banking customer means having the highest financial requirements. Premium Banking customers are distinguished by the largest number of financial operations. Naturally, when you make transactions more often, you don’t want to waste a lot of time on them, plus the importance of convenience. Knowing the values, psychological characteristics, lifestyle of customers allows us to work effectively with them and build the right business model. The construction of the strategy for Premium Banking is based on a study of the personality of each customer. Customers who prefer the Premium Banking service value the bank’s reliability and high-level service. As a result of our analysis, it is clear that Premium Banking customers are people who value time and convenience – businessmen or simply demanding customers for whom it is important to work with a reliable and stable financial institution that is a provider of a wide range of services at comfortable conditions. saves both money and time. Of course, we also have a group of wealthy clients who entrust their funds to IDBank. In other words, being a client of Premium Banking means having a certain stable social position and having a reputation as a reliable businessman.

To become a Premium Banking customer, you need to visit our service hall at North Avenue 6 or call (+374 41) 47 33 33 and we will take care of the rest.


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