LABA International Art Festival interviews renowned artists Todd Williamson and Jianan Huang about abstract art and design

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LABA International Art Festival interviews renowned artists Todd Williamson and Jianan Huang about abstract art and design

The two artists discussed the meaning and evolution of abstract art, the relationship between art and design, and future trends in art and design during the interview hosted by LABA

PASADENA, Calif. , March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Los Angeles Beverly Hills International Festival of the Arts (LABA) hosted an interview with renowned artists Todd Williamson and Jiannan Huang on “Abstract Art and Design” at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California. Mr. Huang joined the interview via video conference from his studio in Beijing, China. LABA host Maxwell Goble connected the two artists and conducted the interview.

Todd Williamson, who also co-chairs the LABA International Arts Festival, introduced abstract art and shared his background and experience as an artist. He discussed the role of color in abstract art and his journey in creating abstract oil paintings. Williamson said: “Abstract art remains relevant in today’s world because it allows artists to express thoughts, emotions and complex concepts without using recognizable subjects.


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Abstract art has evolved significantly over time. Early abstract works tend to focus on broken shapes and flat forms, while modern abstract works tend to use a range of materials, techniques and styles. There is also a lot of experimentation with texture and color to create emotional and expressive compositions.” Todd Williamson is a contemporary artist based in Los Angeles and a former arts commissioner in West Hollywood, California.

He studied at several institutions, including the American Academy in Rome, Italy, and the Louise Bourgeois Artists’ Salon in New York. Williamson has exhibited his work around the world, including at Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills and Georges Berges Gallery in New York.

The host of the interview, Maxwell Goebel, connected the two artists via video conference with Huang in Beijing. Gobbell asked the question, “What is the relationship between art and design, and how do you integrate art and design together?” Huang answered, “Art and design are inextricably linked. Both art and design are a process of innovation. Without innovation, art and design have no vitality. Of course, there are differences.

What art pursues is the unity of emotion and aesthetics, while design is more practical and utilitarian. The product of the combination of function and aesthetics.” Huang continued, “Art puts more emphasis on customization and the need to do it by hand. Design tends to adopt standardized creative methods and can be completed using mechanical tools.

The question of whether art and design can be integrated is different for different people. I think the two can learn from each other and integrate through thinking. Both artistic thinking and design thinking have their strengths and weaknesses and can learn from each other. Because both are a process of using innovation thinking. Also, the precision of the design technology can be used to perfectly express the artistic intention that the artist wants to express. The high integration of the artist’s emotions, thinking and techniques is the life of art.”

Jiannan Huang Hao Miaojian, born in Heyuan, Guangdong, is a famous calligrapher, artist, collector, appraiser and national first-class artist. He specializes in Western oil painting and Chinese ink and is ranked third on the 2020 Hurun China Art List and 19th on the Hurun Global List with sales of $29 million. Huang has held several positions, including director of the Association for the Promotion of Chinese Traditional Culture, member of the French National Committee of Artists, and art consultant for the World Alliance of Low Carbon Cities. He received the LABA Most Influential and Most Valuable Artist Awards.

In addition, Huang received a Gold Medal from the Global Alliance for Philanthropy. He is the first and only LABA blue chip artist in the world, as established by Los Angeles Beverly Arts and the LABA International Art Festival. He is also the only Asian artist to be elected as the rotating chair of the LABA International Arts Festival in the United States. Professor Wayne, a globally influential art critic in the United States, concluded that Huang took advantage of his wealth of experience and the accumulated experience of travel and life, which allowed him to integrate the concept of Chinese art with Western techniques of oil painting, the colors of light and shadow, and creating a unique personal overall painting system and “new system”. At the end of the interview, the host asked the two internationally famous artists a general question: “What is the trend in art and design in the future?” Huang said, “I think there are several directions in the future of art and design that we may have to stand up:

First, intelligent art and design: Using the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create new artwork and design symbols, helping artists realize more creative possibilities.

Second, virtual reality art and design: Combining virtual reality with art and design allows the audience to participate in a more realistic way than reality, enhancing the visual and physical experience.

Third, digital art and design: The use of digital technologies such as 3D printing, digital image processing and networked media creates new opportunities for artists and explores two-way interaction, interactive artwork and design elements. Fourth, Art and Design in Social Media : Unprecedented use of social media platforms to increase visibility, recognition and word of mouth of artworks and brands, use social media to establish direct interaction with users and achieve common development of communication and participation. Of course, I personally believe that regardless of how technology and intelligence develop in the future, humans will ultimately play a decisive role.

Human emotions are rich, human imagination is limitless, and human creativity has no end, and these are the vitality and source of artistic creativity. an internationally known TV presenter.

About LABA and the LABA International Arts Festival:

Los Angeles Beverly Arts (LABA), the LABA International Arts Festival and the Beverly Arts Online Exhibition feature artists from around the world who have come together to display their works in a virtual gallery exhibition. Visitors can explore the exhibition and enjoy the works of some of the world’s most talented and unique artists selected to participate in this event. For more information, visit Los Angeles Beverly Arts.

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