Kylie Jenner’s latest fashion statement gets slammed

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Kylie Jenner’s latest fashion statement gets slammed

Kylie Jenner’s latest fashion statement gets slammed

Kylie Jenner is known for her bold, unapologetic, and eyebrow-raising shoots. Following the signature mantra, the supermodel gets into trouble when a recent dirty (literally) photos irked fans.

Taking to Instagram, the Kardashian beauty shared the latest photoshoot in collaboration with the Swedish label Acne Studios’ new denim campaign, which underscores “self-love.”

Sported semi-nude look, the sultry snaps saw the fashion mogul with no make-up instead covered with mud-flecked.

The mother-of-two toned abs were displayed as she switched several outfits, fully absorbed with dirt with her doppelganger.

Photographer Carlijn Jacobs shared the rationale behind the campaign, “[It] sought to showcase Kylie as a woman who is in control, has love for herself and is unafraid to embrace her desires.

“I aimed to celebrate her individuality by doubling her. She loves herself and is not afraid to show it,” the campaign chief added.

But some Kylie fans are not over the moon about her going close to the earth, as they take that as an insult to homeless folks.

“Love the cosplay of homelessness, especially from a billionaire… good job acne lmao,” one fan reacted to the model shoot.

Another added, “Why would anyone want to wear this? Is looking homeless the new thing in fashion???”

“Why’re we dressing and glamorizing homeless looks? Not v cool:///,” a third blasted.

One user opined, “This is such a disrespect to poor people.”

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