Kelsey Walks In Ex-BFF Juliette Porter’s Fashion Show

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Kelsey Walks In Ex-BFF Juliette Porter’s Fashion Show


Siesta Key star Kelsey Owens recently walked in her ex-best friend Juliette Porter’s Miami fashion show for her swimsuit line JMP The Label.

Kelsey Owens may have patched things up with Juliette Porter as the Siesta Key star walked in her former best friend’s recent fashion show. Last fans heard Kelsey and Juliette were not on good terms. In an interview promoting part two of the show’s fourth season, Juliette said that she always feels awkward when she’s in the same room as Kelsey. A few months later, Kelsey’s boyfriend confirmed to fans that the two are not friends. Juliette has also recently been spotted with ex-boyfriend Sam Logan on several occasions, hinting that they may have put their messy breakup behind them and built a friendship.


The same may be true for Kelsey and Juliette. The two had a rocket start when they first met during season 1 of Siesta Key. Juliette was determined to make former star Alex Kompothecras her boyfriend, but Kelsey, who was new to the beach town, quickly caught Alex’s eye. Eventually, the girls put the drama behind them and became close friends. Unfortunately, their friendship ended after Kelsey started rumors that Juliette was only dating Sam for his money. All possibilities of them patching things up came to an end when Juliette hit Kelsey in the face during an island getaway.

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It seemed like Kelsey and Juliette would never be friends again, but this might not be the case as Juliette invited the former model to walk in JMP The Label’s fashion show, and the star accepted. Kelsey shared a heartfelt Instagram post for Juliette’s brand with a video of herself strutting down the runway in pink, resembling a life-size barbie. “Girl got her walk back!” the star wrote, also thanking Juliette’s brand for allowing her to model the Paris Hilton-esque look down the runway. Kelsey then thanked Juliette for putting the show together.

Siesta Key Juliette Porter

Juliette also shared some highlights from the show on her own Instagram, including a photo of her and Kelsey looking like they put all the drama of their past behind them. Juliette posted a long caption of her gratitude, even thanking Siesta Key for launching her into the spotlight and giving her a platform to build a successful swimsuit brand. “You did amazing!! Proud of you and so happy I could be a part of your special night,” Kelsey commented on the post. Part of the friends’ initial fallout included tension between their competing swimsuit lines; however, Kelsey seems to no longer be running her company, By Kelsey Owens.

While the two have not confirmed if they’d consider themselves friends, there certainly isn’t any more bad blood between them. As the MTV films Siesta Key‘s fifth season in Miami, it seems the cast has grown up a lot, and a lot of the drama is water under the bridge these days. Cara Geswelli even appeared in a photo with Juliette and supported her fashion show from the audience despite their on-screen feud. While the Siesta Key feuds and fighting may be entertaining, it’s more exciting to see all the women on the show come together and empower each other.

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Sources: Kelsey Owens/Instagram, Juliette Porter/Instagram

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