Kangna Ranaut’s customized vanity van costed her this price ; deets inside | Celebrity Special

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Kangna Ranaut’s customized vanity van costed her this price ; deets inside | Celebrity Special

Kangna Ranaut’s recently customised her vanity van which cost her a hefty amount. The actress wanted the vanity van to have a homely vibe with furniture made of wood which all costed her around 65 lakhs.

Kangna Ranaut news: Kangna Ranaut is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema and is also referred to as the Queen of Bollywood.  Recently, the actress has talked about her vanity van which was customised for a hefty amount. 

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Kangna Ranaut’s customized vanity van 

The ‘Manikarnika’ actress vanity van was designed by Ketan Raval who owns about 65 vanity vans which are used by many Bollywood celebrities including the Ambani police and also Mumbai police. Further, Ketan said that Kangna has the costliest vanity van till date. Then, he stated that Kangna wanted a more traditional look for her vanity van. However, she wanted her vanity to have a homely vibe similar to her house. 

Kangna Ranaut’s customized vanity van cost 

As a result, her vanity has all the furniture made of wood as directed by the actor. Moreover, Ketan’s main responsibility was to make her vanity look like her home. Moving on, he stated that her customized vanity had cost her around 65 lahks. 

For the unversed, actress Poonam Dhillon was the first actor to introduce the concept of vanity vans in the Bollywood industry. In addition to this, Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi and Anil Kapoor first inaugurated the van.

Celebrity who suggested the idea of vanity vans first 

Lastly, Poonam said that she had no idea that it would turn out to be something effective for the industry. She also mentioned that earlier there were no vanity vans so actresses had to remain in the sun and dirt for long hours. However, many celebrities had come forward to thank the actress for being so thoughtful. 

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