Joe Biden’s absence from coronation ‘disrespectful’

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Joe Biden’s absence from coronation ‘disrespectful’

President Joe Biden’s absence from the coronation is disrespectful, Donald Trump said Wednesday night.

Speaking to Nigel Farage in an interview with GB News, the former president attacked his “incompetent” successor’s decision to send Jill Biden, the first lady, to lead a delegation.

Mr Trump said: “I actually don’t think he can physically do it. I think it’s hard for him to do it physically, I think I’m coming here for him. A lot of things happen to him and a lot of strange things happen. But surely he should be here as a representative of our country.”

He went on to claim that Mr Biden would be “sleeping in” rather than attending the historic event. “He’s going to be in Delaware, where he spends a lot of time… So I don’t know, but I was very surprised to see. I think it’s very disrespectful for him not to be [attending].”

Elsewhere on the show, from his Turnbury estate, Mr Trump said he was “surprised” Prince Harry had been invited to the coronation, repeating his previous criticism of Meghan Markle.

“I think it’s going to be a great day and I think they’re going to do a great job and he loves the country. And I really got to know him pretty well and he loves the country, he really loves the country and he loves his mother.

“And that’s why I thought Meghan was so disrespectful to her – and there’s just no reason for me to do that. I was actually surprised Harry was invited, to be honest.’

He went on to label Prince Harry Spare’s book, which contains a number of highly personal revelations about other members of the royal family, as “appalling”.

Speaking about the fall of Nicola Sturgeon, a former Scottish first minister, Mr Trump described her as a “negative force” and said the scandal surrounding transgender rapist Isla Bryson, which contributed to her death, showed that “a lot of countries have had enough” of so called called “woke” ideology.

“I know that case and I thought it was terrible and I guess it helped ruin her career. I think she had other reasons but I just felt she didn’t like Scotland.”

Speaking directly to American voters as he hopes to secure the Republican nomination for president in 2024, Mr Trump pledged to rid the country of “crime-infested rat holes” and vowed to make the US ” the largest economy in the history of the world” once again.

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