Iulia Vantur on filming Salman Khan’s docu-series ‘Beyond The Star’: I wanted this story to be inspirational and motivational | Hindi Movie News

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Iulia Vantur on filming Salman Khan’s docu-series ‘Beyond The Star’: I wanted this story to be inspirational and motivational | Hindi Movie News


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan had teased fans last year about his upcoming docu-series ‘Beyond The Star’, and now, ETimes had Iulia Vantur, the brain behind the project, spill all the details.

In a candid chat with us, the actress and singer spilled the beans about her passion project that is taking shape rather quickly and may just be hitting our screens later this year.

While talking about music and performing at arenas in the USA, we had to ask Iulia if she was a fan of the K-Pop supergroup BTS and if she was attending their gig over the past weekend. “I am a part of BTS, but it is a differnt BTS. It is ‘Beyond The Star’. It is our new project that we are working on,” she said.

Talking about the project, she said, “It is our docu-series about a star and gives the audience an all-round perspective of the star and the importance of the support system – family, friends, teachers, co-stars and all the people involved in creating the star. It is an amazing project that I put my whole heart and energy into. We still have the last 100 meters to wrap up this project. Most of the interviews are done. I am very excited for that to come out on a big platform.”

“Salman is the star,” she adds while going on to explain that the forthcoming series will be based on his life and career, and will present an honest and fun account of him as a person off-camera.

“We are almost ready. The edits have started and it’ll take a little bit of time because there is a lot to process and create a whole story. It is an amazing success story. What I wanted from the beginning of this story is for it to be inspirational and motivational,” Vantur said.

The project will trace Salman’s journey to superstardom, his equation with people in the film industry, and controversies, among other things. “I think Salman is the perfect example for this,” Iulia says while adding, “His life was a rollercoaster and he is an incredible example of (the phrase) ‘You can’t give up!’

Sharing the message of hope that she wants the audience to receive from the show, Iulia said, “I want people to know that no matter what happens in your life, you will always bounce back. You just have to find that moment of strength to fight back and say, ‘No! I’ll never give up!’ When you see that someone could do it, then you feel that you can do it as well.”

She does, however, warn that living the life of a superstar is not always a glamorous one. “I want people to understand that a star is not only about glamour or fairytale. It is a lot of hard work, stress and struggle. Personal or professional, it is a difficult task, especially when you are a star. I wanted people to know that it happens to everyone and that we are all the same and how important it is to find that strength inside you,” she said.

Salman gave Iulia due credit when he revealed that it was her idea of making a docu-series to encapsulate his journey of 33 years in the Bollywood film industry.

“My docu-series is Beyond the Star. Iulia had thought of it and I felt it was a good concept. Whoever I have worked with, staff, friends, co-stars, directors, and producers will talk about how I was earlier and how I am now. She narrated it to Andre (Timmins, Wiz Films) and he took it to Applause Entertainment and they finalised this. It is a very good project,” the actor told PTI in an interview.


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