Interviews: We talk diversity and head to the UK for a cricket festival!

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Interviews: We talk diversity and head to the UK for a cricket festival!

June 14, 2023

Interviews: We talk diversity and head to the UK for a cricket festival!

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This week on On the sideSoupy, Demetra and Jacs recognize and celebrate the wonderful organizations that ensure sports are always welcoming and inclusive to the entire LGBTQ+ community.

The Special Olympics Games take place from June 17 to 25 in Berlin, Germany and Pierre committedCEO Sspecial olympics Australia shares how our Aussie Olympians are ready to take the world stage by storm! With around 850,000 people in Australia living with an intellectual disability or autism, the Special Olympics helps discover and showcase their talents, along with being a catalyst for leading a fulfilling life. Sport helps people living with intellectual disabilities or autism to provide personal achievement, pride and inclusion. All the best to our 64 Australian athletes competing in nine of 26 different sporting events at the organization’s biggest event yet!

in The drama of Demeter, Demetra talks to Mick Garnett, CEO of Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT and this the annual recipient of the Australian Pride in Sport Award for LGBTQ Executive Leadershipr. The motto of the organization is “We believe in the ability to change lives through sport” and Mick explains the work Wheelchair Sports NSW/ACT has undertaken to make this a reality for many!

In chat with Jacs, we talk to Lachlan Smith, Founder of the Birmingham Unicorns Cricket Club in the United Kingdom first let’s talk about world cricket! The first all-round cricket tournament in the United Kingdom was held at Sutton Coldfield, a bilateral between Warwickshire Cricket Club and four other professional county clubs – Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Middlesex and Northamptonshire. An amazing achievement for which Lachlan was recognized as the recipient the inaugural Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) Community Cricket Heroes Campaign Award! Cocoa!

In Soupy’s Surprising Sport, this week’s surprising sport is the amazing sport of Yoyoing and have World Cup! Could you beat the fastest time to run 100m while throwing and catching the yo-yo? Your goal is 13.9 seconds, which is recorded in 1996 Olympic games! Time to dust off the Fanta yo-yo and start walking the dog!

Are you a sports fanatic or just want to learn more about the exciting world of sports? Then tune into JOY’s brand new sports showOn the side.

We cover the latest sports headlines, get into the current LGBTQIA+ questions in sports, chat with sports people and see some really surprising, weird sports.

All this and moreOn the side, the home of sports on JOY 94.9with your hosts Soupy, Demetra and Jacs.Kick goals with Sidelined, Wednesday nights 7-8pm here on JOY 94.9 recorded live at magnificent Victorian Pride Centre.

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