Interview: Aishwarya Lekshmi – The King of Kota would be incomplete if my character was removed

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Interview: Aishwarya Lekshmi – The King of Kota would be incomplete if my character was removed

Dulquer Salmaan and actress Aishwarya Lekshmi starrer King of Kota is all set for a grand release in theaters this Thursday. On this occasion, we had the privilege of sitting down with Aishwarya Lekshmi, the lead actress of the film, for an insightful interview. Here is the transcript

How did you become part of this project?

During the shooting of Matti Kusthi (Gatta Kusthi in Tamil), I had the pleasure of narrating Abhilash N. Chandran, the writer of King of Kotha. It not only outlined my character but revealed the whole story. I found the concept intriguing and immediately agreed to be a part of it. The scale of the project and the opportunity to collaborate with Dulquer Salmaan were equally appealing.

Could you provide an insight into your character in King of Kotha?

Kota is a fictional urban setting. While Dulquer Salmaan takes the lead, I portray Tara, his love interest. Although my screen time is modest, Tara’s presence greatly influences the narrative. If Tara’s character is removed, the film will feel unfinished. Apart from my character, the grand scale of the film promises to deliver an entirely fresh, immersive experience that will captivate and enthrall you.

How was your experience working with Dulquer Salmaan?

Dulquer is an exceptional colleague, always accessible and down to earth. Despite being a producer, he dedicates himself relentlessly and interacts seamlessly with everyone on set, fostering a sense of long-standing familiarity. His cheerful disposition continues to amaze me. We share a close relationship; I often seek his insights and discuss my upcoming endeavors.

Tell us about your collaboration with debutant Abhilash Joshiy

Abhilash Joshi has a remarkable understanding of the nuances of film. He provides detailed explanations, ensuring that the actors achieve the desired results. His visionary approach and broad perspective is incredible and his reputation will soar with the release of King of Kotha. His demeanor on the sets is quite different from that of his father, Joshi, a famous director with whom I share a good relationship.

Why haven’t you taken up any Telugu project since God Se?

I have always been open to Telugu films and am eager to embrace different characters. Be it bold portrayals like Samantha’s role in the song Oo Antava Maawa or multi-layered performances like Keerthy Suresh’s in Mahanati, I relish the opportunity to tackle challenging roles.

Who are your favorite actresses?

I admired Keerthy Suresh’s work in Dasara; her performance was outstanding. Samantha is also among my personal favorites; her appeal radiates even in scenes that call for displays of anger or emotional depth. Sreeleela’s phenomenal dancing ability stands out and Sai Pallavi’s prowess as a dancer and performer is exceptional. I was captivated by her role in Fidaa.

Do you have aspirations to continue producing?

Right now, my focus is solely on acting. My priority is to be involved in fascinating projects. I will only produce ventures if I am completely convinced, and directing is not on my current agenda.

What’s next in your future projects?

An upcoming Tamil film is in the works; details will be revealed soon. I will share any news regarding new projects once I commit to them.

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