Inside Dia Mirza’s son Avyaan’s ‘zero plastic’ birthday celebrations

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Inside Dia Mirza’s son Avyaan’s ‘zero plastic’ birthday celebrations

Dia Mirza recently celebrated her son Avyaan’s second birthday with a special and eco-friendly party. Dia took to her Instagram account to share a series of pictures from the celebration. She gave her followers a glimpse into the memorable event.

What made this birthday celebration truly exceptional was its focus on sustainability. Dia emphasized in her Instagram post that it was a zero-waste, zero-plastic birthday. She shared details about the eco-friendly elements incorporated into the event, which aimed to minimize waste and promote responsible consumption.

Instead of plastic balloons, reusable paper lanterns adorned the party venue. Reusable cups, bamboo straws, and tissues were provided to reduce single-use plastic waste. The decorations featured upcycled cloth buntings, and the return gifts given to the children were also eco-friendly.

Dia Mirza’s commitment to sustainability extended beyond the birthday party itself. She revealed that the waste generated during the event was thoughtfully managed. Coconut shells were collected and sent for processing to create coco peat, while dry waste like paper cups was recycled. Dia expressed gratitude to organisations such as Eksaath Foundation for planting trees in the children’s names as part of urban afforestation efforts.

Dia Mirza shares inside photos from son’s birthday

The birthday party took place in a garden and was attended by Avyaan’s friends and loved ones. The pictures captured heartwarming moments, including Dia Mirza cutting an animal-themed cake while holding Avyaan in her arms. In one photo, Dia is joined by her husband Vaibhav Rekhi, his daughter Samaira, and Dia’s mother Deepa Mirza, posing happily together. The actress looked radiant in a beautiful white dress, perfectly complementing the joyful atmosphere of the celebration. Avyaan, the star of the day, sported a printed t-shirt and grey shorts, exuding his cheerful energy.

Dia Mirza’s decision to organise a zero-plastic birthday party for her son sends a powerful message about the importance of environmental consciousness and sustainable living. By sharing the details of the event on social media, she not only inspires her followers but also encourages them to adopt similar eco-friendly practices in their own lives.


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