How to delete all your photos on Facebook

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How to delete all your photos on Facebook


Giving your Facebook profile a much-needed spring clean? You don’t need to delete all your Facebook photos one by one. We’ve put together this guide to teach you the fastest way to delete your old and embarrassing Facebook pics in bulk.

Technically speaking, the quickest way to purge all of your photos from Facebook is to delete your account. However, this isn’t going to be the best option for everyone, as many of us use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues and old classmates.

That doesn’t mean everyone needs to see your old photos, though. Read on to learn how to delete all of your Facebook photos in just a few easy steps…

What you’ll need: 

The Short Version 

  • Open your Facebook profile 
  • Click Photos 
  • Click Albums 
  • Click the three dots next to an album 
  • Click Delete Album and repeat
  1. Step

    Open Facebook

    You can delete your photos in your browser or in the Facebook app. For this guide, we’ve listed the steps for Facebook’s website. Facebook home page

  2. Step

    Click on your name in the top-right corner

    You might only see your profile photo if you have the window minimised or you’re using your phone browser. You can also find your profile by clicking the down-facing arrow in the top-right corner. Facebook Profile button

  3. Step

    Click Photos

    This should be below your name and profile picture. Facebook Photos button

  4. Step

    Select Albums

    This will make deleting photos a lot faster. If you’d rather delete images individually you can skip this step, but be aware that it could be more time consuming. Facebook Albums button

  5. Step

    Click on the three dot icon next to an album

    Make sure it’s an album you want to delete. Facebook photo album options

  6. Step

    Click Delete Album

    That’s it! Now just repeat steps 5 to 6 until all of your albums are gone. Facebook Delete Album button


Is there a faster way to delete all my photos?

There is one very quick way to delete all of your photos which is through the Manage Activity tool.

To access it, go to your settings and click ‘Activity log’. Then click ‘Your posts’ and ‘Photos and videos’. This method didn’t actually show any results for us, but you should (in theory) be able to see any photos or videos you’ve posted or been tagged in and delete them from here.

Can I delete photos other people have tagged me in?

No, sadly you can only delete photos that you have uploaded yourself. You can untag yourself from unwanted photos, hide them from your profile or send that user a message politely asking that they take the image down.

If someone has uploaded a photo of you without your permission, you can also report the image to Facebook. However, it’ll be up to Facebook to decide whether that picture is a violation of its Community Standards.


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