High-Profile Highs: How Celebrity Advocacy Is Transforming Society’s Views On Psychedelics And Cannabis – Red Light Holland (OTC:TRUFF), Wesana Health Hldgs (OTC:WSNAF)

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High-Profile Highs: How Celebrity Advocacy Is Transforming Society’s Views On Psychedelics And Cannabis – Red Light Holland (OTC:TRUFF), Wesana Health Hldgs (OTC:WSNAF)

As part of the recent so-called “psychedelics renaissance,” numerous celebrities, global leaders and athletes are speaking out about their experiences with these substances. Their stories about the benefits and nuances are now part of an ongoing movement toward general reform as they push for change in the form of activism, public education or establishing businesses related to the hallucinogens.

Typically, many reform advocates are also cannabis supporters and already involved in that space, considering regulations are comparably more permissive at the moment. 

One of the most outstanding is probably Mike Tyson, who frequently calls psychedelics an “amazing medicine” that revived his career and saved his life. Tyson is both a cannabis and a psychedelics entrepreneur. 

Actor and comedian Reggie Watts has also become a big-time advocate of psychedelics after they inspired major life changes for him. He is also an ardent supporter of cannabis use for conscious explorations of the inner self.

Former MMA Ian McCall first tried cannabis for pain management and later moved to psychedelics as a way to “biohack” his body, noticing improvements in his physical symptoms (TBIs) and his mental health. He continues to help fellow professional athletes, such as current UFC fighter Dan Hardy, by educating them on the beneficial effects of psychedelics.

Hockey champion Daniel Carcillo decided to create Wesana Health WSNAF to advance the treatment of brain injuries with psychedelics after his own personal experience with ayahuasca.

Comedy star Russell Peters joined psychedelic mushrooms company Red Light Holland TRUFF’s executive team as chief creative officer in 2020, through which he has attracted a broad audience to the potential of alternative treatments.

YouTube strength training expert Elliott Hulse is an active adviser of techniques to release repressed feelings through the physical body with tools such as meditation and bioenergetics, the latter of which is intimately related to ayahuasca ceremonies.

Finally, comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan is probably one of the biggest advocates for de-demonizing plant-based drugs, including psychedelics as well as cannabis. He promotes their benefits when “used as a tool.”

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