Greenpeace reports Chinese fashion brand Shein’s products are health hazards

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Greenpeace reports Chinese fashion brand Shein’s products are health hazards


Apart from its products contains hazardous chemicals, China-based Shein’s “ultra-fast fashion” business model catering to young people perpetuates the extremely rapid trend cycles of cloth production and overconsumption. Image: Okay Bliss

A new investigation made by Greenpeace in Germany determines products of Chinese fashion brand SHEIN, offering fashion clothes, gadgets and utility items, are health hazards and illegal.

As reported by Danish tabloid media, Ekstra Bladet, SHEIN has become extremely popular, and has grown exponentially, by offering thousands of new designs every day for young people and children via social media.

The result of the investigation is based on 47 SHEIN products of which 15 contained hazardous chemicals. Five of the products violated EU laws by 100% and a vast majority of the products contained chemical levels high enough to be of causes of concern.

Viola Wohlgemuth, who works with poisonous substances and economic campaigns in Greenpeace, said Shein is indifferently breaking the rules of the EU.

– Shein products containing hazardous chemicals floods the European market and breaks rules not being enforced by authorities. But it is the workers at Shein’s suppliers, people of the neighboring societies and the Chinese environment that carries the majority of Shein’s dangerous, chemical addiction, Wohlgemuth said.

Shein was founded in China in 2008 and utilises TikTok to gain popularity by letting influencers promote its clothing collections.

Shein is to be found in many countries around the world from Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam to Sweden, Finland and Denmark.



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