Global Day of Parents: A guide to help fathers bond with their step-children

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Global Day of Parents: A guide to help fathers bond with their step-children


Global Day of Parents is celebrated on the 1st of every June by the United Nations to appreciate and honour the selfless commitments and sacrifices of all the parents around the world towards their children to nurture a healthy and happy life. Choosing to become a step-parent filled your life with endless joy but children might throw light on this subject in an extremely different way. While some kids easily accept their new dad, many children see this as an attempt to take over the place of their real father and face a challenging time adjusting to the situation. If such is the case, then building a lasting relationship takes special efforts and extra care to cherish a La Familia.

If your step-children are having a hardship understanding the bond between you two, then here is a simple guide to curate a happy and healthy connection.

Always start with the friendship

Don’t straightforwardly start with the duties of a father and expect the outcomes of love and respect from your step-children all of a sudden. Just because you hold the title of parent, you don’t have to burden the children with stringent rules or tasks. Instead, keep yourself realistic and pragmatic and step into their shoe to understand how exactly they would be feeling right now. Console them as a friend and take the path of friendship to comprehend their emotions and sentiments. It might look like a slow process but is definitely worth a shot.

Do chores together

You sitting and enjoying and giving chores to your step-children make you look like an evil parent. This not only fabricates your image as the wicked step-parent but also takes a toll on your relationship. Instead, find ways to involve yourself in the chores your kid is doing. Be it cleaning, cooking or doing homework- include yourself in every errand and this way you can get a great time talking while understanding each other’s perceptions and notions. You can even enjoy the completion of a task with a treat to charm your step-children.

Do chores together

Initiate conversations as per their interests

Kids are usually self-centred and they might not focus on what you are interested in. But every kid would love to talk about their things. Make sure to grab such opportunities and initiate the conversation about topics your step-children can ramble on for hours. Engage in a meaningful conversation and keep on asking questions so that your step-kid won’t feel uninterested. Don’t push or force the conversation, just go with the flow and ask about their experiences.

Initiate conversations as per their interests

Give them space to set their pace

When it comes to bonding in such a delicate relationship, play the role of the bigger person and let your little ones lead. Give your step-children enough time to deal with the trauma of the loss of their father. You can even talk to them about their feelings and emotions and act accordingly. Allow them some time to understand things and ensure them that whenever they are ready to talk, they can come to you without any hesitation. Follow their clues and read their expressions and then plan activities to bond.

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