Get Ready for an eco-fashion extravaganza at Klipriversberg

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Get Ready for an eco-fashion extravaganza at Klipriversberg

Schools of the South of Johannesburg are in for an exciting celebration of Arbor Day at the picturesque Klipriversberg Nature Reserve on September 2.

The event promises a day filled with fun activities, but the highlight of the day is undoubtedly the unique and innovative Trashion Show.

But what exactly is a ‘Trashion Show’? It’s a fashion show with a twist, where the outfits must be designed and created by school learners using nothing but trash and recycled materials.

The rule is clear: no purchases are allowed. Instead, participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity and resourcefulness, utilising glue, staples, sewing materials, and any discarded items that would otherwise find their way to landfills.

The event promises to be both educational and entertaining, with exciting prizes up for grabs and the opportunity to contribute to a greener future. Winners will not only take home well-deserved accolades but will also have trees planted on behalf of their schools, leaving a beautiful legacy for future generations within the nature reserve.

Adding to the festivities, there will be puppet shows, interpretive walks, and a variety of engaging activities to keep everyone enthralled. Food & Trees For Africa has generously donated 100 trees. Six trees will be planted at Klipriversberg Nature Reserve as prizes and the rest of the trees donated will be distributed to the schools of the south.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Ogilvie on 083 267 6223.

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