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Galime v. Cardillo Face-Off in separate int.

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Galime v. Cardillo Face-Off in separate int.

Utica Republican mayoral candidate Mike Galime and Republican candidate Bob Cardillo appeared on WIBX’s First News with Keeler Tuesday morning, talking about semantics regarding the upcoming June primary.

Last week, Cardillo issued a signed affidavit pledging to be full-time mayor if elected in November. He said he would not work outside of the mayor’s job and challenged his main opponent, Galime, to do the same. Cardillo is a business consultant and Galime is president of the Utica Common Council and works full-time outside of government.

Galime called the affidavit a publicity stunt and promised to be permanent mayor if elected, but said he would not sign Cardillo’s affidavit. Galime also pointed to a discrepancy in the date of the affidavit, which changed during two public appearances in the media. “If they can’t do something like that, how will they be able to run a government,” Galime asked. Cardillo said he inadvertently signed the wrong date.

Galime said he will be full-time mayor but will maintain part-time hours to keep in touch with his career outside of government. He noted that because he was younger with a wife and young child, he needed to maintain a career to return to after he finished his public service.

Another issue discussed was what each candidate would do if they did not win the Republican primary. Galime said that if he loses, he will certainly support the Republican in the race. Cardillo said he was unable to make that commitment at this time because he wasn’t sure if he could be on the conservative side or another third party. “I may have a commitment to the Conservative Party,” Cardillo said.

On Monday, Utica Republican Chairman Michael Gentile said Cardillo’s refusal to tie himself to the winner of the primary was key to determining his GOP endorsement vote. Gentile said it’s essential for the losing candidate to support the winner of the primary rather than stay on the line from a third party. He said otherwise it would split the Republican vote and lead to a Democrat becoming Utica’s next mayor.

Watch both interviews, Galime at 7:40am on Tuesday and Cardillo at 8:15am.

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