Fungi hats? MycoWorks moves into fashion with mycelium hat collection

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Fungi hats? MycoWorks moves into fashion with mycelium hat collection


Biomaterials innovator MycoWorks has teamed up with luxury hat designer Nick Fouquet to launch its first eco-friendly fashion collection manufactured using mycelium material.

Dubbed ‘Reishi’, the material developed by the firm is made using mycelium, which derives from the root structure of mushrooms. 

Launching the new luxury hat collection this week, MyCoWorks said the material could be grown to designers’ specifications, and offered a greener, high-quality substitute for both plastic-based and animal leather materials.

Sophia Wang, MycoWorks co-founder and chief of culture, said the Reishi collection “exhibits the unique hand feel and versatility of our material”.

The luxury hat collection is available in limited runs across three different styles, with retail prices ranging from $810 all the way up to $1,725, according to the firms.

MycoWorks said it is planning to continue working with a range of fashion brands to boost the commercial availability of its products.

Fouquet said his clients increasingly wanted luxury products “made from materials that feel good and that they feel good about”.

“MycoWorks’ Reishi is the only leather alternative we’ve seen that matches the beauty, quality, and functionality of traditional leather,” he said. “Reishi feels organic and rich, and has a beautiful, worn patina that we showcase through the distinct styles of our Reishi Collection.”


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