From Khloé Kardashian to Andy Cohen

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From Khloé Kardashian to Andy Cohen

Bravo legend and housewives-whisperer Andy Cohen is no stranger to the TV screen, and thankfully this high profile led to a fellow presenter spotting the early signs of skin cancer.

“There was a dot on my lip that I had for a while that I was not paying attention to,” Andy previously said on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show. “Kelly [Ripa] came up to me and goes, ‘What’s happening with your lip? Get that checked out today. That is skin cancer.'”

Although he repeatedly put off getting it checked, Andy eventually saw a doctor and found out “it was malignant melanoma.”

After undergoing surgery to remove the melanoma, Andy said that his relationship with the sun has changed. “I love to tan,” he said, before explaining that he’s “not that person anymore.”

Speaking about her skin cancer detection skills, Kelly later remarked on Live with Kelly and Ryan: “I’m glad to see that all that money I spent visiting dermatologists was good for something because I essentially, at this point, am a dermatologist. It’s the third time I’ve picked out skin cancer on my friends.”

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