FE News | National Interview Week will kick off on 4 December 2023 with The Apprentice star

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FE News | National Interview Week will kick off on 4 December 2023 with The Apprentice star

Tim Campbell, for Addressing the Urgent Student Development Gap

  • 39% of public school students did not participate in career activities
  • 37% of senior leaders in public schools report that they do not have enough funding for careers guidance
  • 39% of secondary school students do not feel confident about the next steps in their education and training
  • £4.6k increase in annual earnings for young people with better basic skills

National Interview Week, a new education innovation, will launch on 4 December 2023 to tackle an urgent development gap in UK schools.

The scheme, which invites schools to sign up and secure their place from 5th September 2023, will provide up to 5,000 free training sessions during the upcoming autumn term. The program caters for students from Year 12 and above attending state schools and colleges across the country.

Launched in collaboration between YourGamePlan and Oppidan Education, the Matirx-supported National interview week is led by renowned entrepreneur and former star of The Apprentice, Tim Campbell. The aim is to boost students’ interview confidence and provide young people with the essential skills needed for the next steps in their education or career.

Mark Inskip, CEO of Matrix, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating: “Our collaboration with National Interview Week reflects Matrix’s commitment to nurturing the future workforce. By supporting this initiative, we are contributing to the development of essential skills that will enable young people to make confident and informed career choices.”

Speaking about National Interview Week, Tim Campbell said:

“I remember feeling at school that I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left. This uncertainty was compounded by the fact that I had no idea what my next steps should be and absolutely no interview practice – these first interviews are quite a foreign process for a young person. My career has put me through some tough selection processes (The Apprentice being one of them!) and I really think more needs to be done to prepare students who want to land that important first job.”

The Sutton Trust’s 2022 report ‘Paving the way’ highlights the urgency of such an initiative. With 39% of UK students not yet involved in careers-related activities, around 39% do not feel confident about navigating their educational journey forward.

37% of senior leaders in public schools cite insufficient funding as the main obstacle to providing adequate careers guidance. National Interview Week aims to address these gaps, with 61% of parents stressing the importance of providing basic skills when choosing a school.[5]

How it works for schools:

  1. Apply officially before the end of September using this link
  2. Receive confirmation of your seats by October 9
  3. Get an information pack and make sure your students have completed the preparatory activities
  4. Your students have their 121 virtual interviews (December 4-8) with a professional mentor
  5. Receive your personalized, full impact reports by the end of the term

To ensure that National Interview Week achieves its aims for young learners, YourGamePlan will draw on its expertise as a trusted voice in the education sector, offering accredited training to schools and colleges across the UK. Their extensive reach includes working with more than 20% of all schools in the UK, demonstrating their commitment to empowering young people to make a successful transition from education to independence.

This will be complemented by Oppidan Education, which will use its expertise as a leading national provider of personal development programs for schools and families. With a proven track record of delivering thousands of workshops to students across the UK, Oppidan Education mentors will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to National Interview Week.

Speaking about the partnership, YourGamePlan founder Danny Heath said:

“We know that young people with improved basic skills can expect a significant £4,600 increase in their annual earnings. Seeing this was all the motivation we needed to partner with Oppidan Education and launch National Interview Week. With over 6,000 applications made in the first 48 hours of soft launch across 250 schools, demand for the program is high and we’re looking forward to getting started.”

Speaking about the partnership, Oppidan Education co-founder Walter Kerr said:

“The ability to communicate effectively is a skill that I believe every child can and should be taught before they leave school. The effect it has on a child’s growing self-esteem can be huge and we’re delighted to be partnering with YourGamePlan to make this interview support provision more accessible to young people.

National Interview Week begins on the 4thth December 2023 Enrollment for the schools begins on the 5thth September. To register, visit here.

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