Fashion: Are we about to see the return of the 2000s coin belt?

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Fashion: Are we about to see the return of the 2000s coin belt?

We can leave the 2000s, but the 2000s never leaves us.

Whether you view it as a fashion friend or a fashion foe, the coin belt is slowly creeping its way back into wardrobes around the world.


We have (begrudgingly) welcomed back low-rise jeans and even ballet pumps, among many other nostalgic fashion call-backs, but I really thought that the coin belt joined over-plucked brows as a trend that had its time in the sun but would never be resurrected.

It seems we have Gen Z to thank for pulling this accessory out of retirement, as fashion trends predict it’s about to make a comeback. To be honest, I’m kind of intrigued to see this bad boy get another chance and to see fashionistas correct the styling mistakes of those before them.

Perhaps this could be a good thing.

Case in point: last weekend, Keilidh Cashell was spotted at Electric Picnic donning a coin belt in her festival fashion fit for Day One.


Maybe we just weren’t fashion-forward enough the first time around? Perhaps we weren’t quite ready for the coin belt? Judging by the Kash Beauty founder’s application of the belt, it seems that with the right styling, this can look really, really chic.

In 2004, Sienna Miller was papped at Glastonbury with a coin belt slung around her waist, and, at the time, it was a fashion staple of hers.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Sienna does not get it wrong when it comes to fashion, so maybe we really missed the boat with coin belts.

Are we ready to make it right again? I think we might be.



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