Exfoliating gloves that will help you get rid of dead skin and give you smoother skin

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Exfoliating gloves that will help you get rid of dead skin and give you smoother skin



Exfoliating gloves have the texture of a loofah or dry brush, but they fit over your hands like a pair of cosy winter gloves. These gloves remove dead skin and reveal a brighter, smoother skin. They improve the appearance of dry skin, and help you achieve a closer shave with lesser ingrown hairs. These gloves also promote optimal circulation. 


Exfoliating gloves for smooth skin: 


Here we have a list of the best exfoliating gloves for your skin. 



1. Natural Elephant Exfoliating Hammam Glove 


This glove gently exfoliates the face and body, removing dead skin cells and impurities. It is perfect for the bath, spa, shower or sauna. It improves blood circulation and promotes skin regeneration. The natural microfibers act as microdermabrasion from head to toe. 


Price: Rs.527

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2. PEACHYGLO Exfoliating Glove 


Transform your skin with this korean exfoliating gloves mitt which visibly removes dead skin for a deep exfoliation and softer, smoother skin. With regular use of these deep exfoliating gloves, you will see fewer keratosis pilaris bumps, less clogged pores, fewer ingrown hairs, and an overall more youthful healthier glow. This body scrubber exfoliator is made with viscose that easily catches onto dirt and dead skin, sweeping away impurities as you massage your skin for a gentle yet deep exfoliation. 



Price: Rs.527

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3. mCaffeine Exfoliating Bath Glove 


Say goodbye to dead skin and reveal fresh and clear skin with this exfoliating bath glove. It exfoliates the skin, prevents ingrown hair and strawberry skin and also gets rid of dry patches from the skin. Crafted to offer fuss-free exfoliation, this bath glove will be a great addition to your shower essentials. Made up of Ramie Fibre, this glove is very gentle on the skin. It is extremely easy to use and can be used by everyone. 




Price: Rs.249

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4. BeautifulMe Moroccan Hammam Exfoliating Glove 


Made from natural plant fibre and powerful decontamination, this glove does not harm the skin, and makes the body feel comfortable. It removes dead skin and unclog pores quickly. It promotes blood circulation, effectively cleaning impurities and toxins from the skin, giving you healthy skin. It renews the skin, making rough skin return to smooth and soft.



Price: Rs.527

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5. Batfield Exfoliating Gloves


These exfoliating gloves are designed with bath balls and scrubbing sides. These mitts are rough enough to exfoliate deep, while soft enough to buff and smooth. Clogged pores and ingrown hairs can spell big trouble for your skin. Regular use of an exfoliating glove can help you avoid these issues. Your skin will look smoother and feel softer. Use these exfoliating gloves daily to gently slough away dead skin cells. And because you’re stimulating skin circulation, your skin won’t just look better: it will feel better too.



Price: Rs.339

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6. Worldbeautycare Turkish Silk Exfoliating Gloves


These gloves reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scarring. It aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apart from reducing the appearance of pigmentation and enlarged pores, it helps oxygenate cells, promote a healthy blood flow, and promote collagen and elastin production. It also fights blackheads, acne and breakouts, and helps eliminate toxins through the skin. 



Price: Rs.769

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7. Bains 3 Piece Exfoliating Bath Set 


This bath set consists of exfoliating gloves, an exfoliating back scrubber and a loofah. The back rubbing strips can easily remove keratin. The bathing gloves and bath balls can be used with soap or shower gel, which can easily penetrate the surface of the washing tower and be deeply cleaned, giving you a new healthy and soft skin touch. The smooth microfiber surface can massage and revitalise the skin without hurting the skin and preventing mould.



Price: Rs.299

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If you suffer from dry skin, tanning or strawberry legs, then a pair of exfoliating gloves will most definitely come to your aid. These are rough enough to help remove dead skin cells but also soft enough to give you a spa-like experience. Invest in a pair right away and attain smooth skin in no time. 


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