Embarrassing Things Celebrities Did When Meeting Royals

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Embarrassing Things Celebrities Did When Meeting Royals

Back in 2016, Ben Affleck appeared on Britain’s “The Graham Norton Show,” alongside fellow actors Claire Foy and Matt Smith. Given the latter two were starring as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on “The Crown” at the time, Affleck felt it apropos to detail his own personal experience with the royals. 

During a family trip to London, Affleck recounted bringing his son Samuel, whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, to a place called Kidnasium. “You know, germy balls they kick around,” Affleck jokingly described the place. According to Affleck, when he and his son entered, he was surprised to find the place mostly empty. “And then I noticed this sort of weird vibe from some of the other grown-ups that were there,” he recounted, explaining that he eventually identified several well-dressed people wearing suits, and then noticed some of them were equipped with earpieces, of the kind worn by Secret Service agents. “And I thought, ‘Wow, Kidnasium is tight,” Affleck quipped.

It then dawned on him, albeit slowly, just what he had wandered into. “I was the last person in there, for sure, to realize that the royal … [Prince] George and [Princess] Charlotte, those kids were in there playing, and my son was in there playing,” Affleck said. “So now I can tell him, ‘You got a cold from the King of England.'”

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