Denim trends: 6 denim styles that will be ruling in 2023 according to experts | Fashion Trends

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Denim trends: 6 denim styles that will be ruling in 2023 according to experts | Fashion Trends


Jeans are a perfect blank canvas. Trends come and go, even with classic wardrobe staples. While there is no doubt that a straight fit in a true-blue shade will remain popular, there are certain head-turning cuts, in-the-moment silhouettes, and specific decade-old washes that cycle in and out of fashion. The ankle and distressed treatments ranging from unfinished hems to redone patchwork will be popular in 2023. Pleated trousers, dramatic wide-legs, and formfitting boot cuts are also going to be popular, with these eye-catching silhouettes dating back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Meanwhile, the early-aughts low-rise is coming back, with celebrities favouring the look, especially when paired with a visible logo brief or a strappy thong pulled high to achieve hip cleavage. (Also read: National Blue Jeans Day: 5 trendiest blue denim you must have in your wardrobe )

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Sushmit Shubham and Pratishtha Gohain, Denim Designers, Spykar, shared the top six denim trends for 2023. Therefore, whether you like to dress up your denim with oversize knits and statement tops or keep it simple with a bodysuit or a white tee, scroll through the following categories one by one to see the top denim trends suggested by experts. Alternatively, you can skip ahead to the section you already know you’re looking for and browse a variety of washes for all body types.

1. Crop-length jeans

Crop-length jeans is a timeless classic for a reason. You must have this denim in your 2023 collection.

Crop-length jeans expose just a sliver of skin without going for a full-blown pedal-pusher moment, whether you pair them with ornate, embellished heels, classic ballet flats, or casual sneakers. Furthermore, this silhouette is a timeless classic that can be worn with both silk camisoles and wool overcoats; endless possibilities. It’s classic for a reason.

2. Bootcut flares

Bootcut jeans flare out slightly at the ankle. This type of jean pairs well with ankle boots

Look for a slight flare from the knee down to the feet in this ’70s throwback style. With a bootcut length, you’ll be able to see your shoes, so whether you go for a pointed-toe flat, an early-aughts look with sporty sneakers, or platform boots to elongate your legs, your footwear will be crucial for outfit balance.

3. Modular/cargo jeans

Cargo pants are trendy, comfortable and make an excellent choice for casual outings.

Cargo pants, a utilitarian trend from the 1990s, are back in full force. Allow the off-duty look to infiltrate your denim collection this season, ranging from tailored high-waisted styles to slouchy, baggy silhouettes with unrivalled nostalgia.

4. Tapered-leg jeans

These jeans featuring a narrowed-leg design render a more tailored look which makes it perfect for casual- or formal-wear.

Consider tapered-leg jeans for a looser leg through the thigh that comes to a polished nip at the ankle, another relic from the ’90s. This slightly bow-legged style adds interest to your outfit and goes well with combat boots.

5. Wide-leg jeans

Wide leg jeans and pants are definitely one of the hottest non-skinny jeans trends that we can’t get over.

Go big if you’re going to go big. This season, go all-in on the ultra wide-leg jeans trend that drags behind you and almost completely covers your shoes. Because this exaggerated look is for the brave, you might want to size up in your favourite pair to really lean into the look with a fit that’s already trustworthy and familiar.

6. Patchwork jeans

Each patchwork denim is unique, with varieties of fabric sewn together. Quilted, panelled or patched, the texture adds dimension to any look.

With the world looking forward to customizations, personify your denim over decades to your liking. Whether you choose to repair them with denim patches or other materials, this year, turn on your art attack mode. It’s a quick and easy way to experiment with texture while pairing them with your classics and true blues.

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