Demand for cybersecurity e-learning surges

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Demand for cybersecurity e-learning surges

The main service offered to customers by Esus eLearning transforms their static content into highly interactive and engaging e-learning material. Static content can be in the form of a PowerPoint deck, a Word document, a training manual, a company policy or procedure, a set of guidelines, training material, etc.

Managing Director Gary O’Flynn says cybersecurity is an extremely important topic due to the economic impact of a cyber breach, privacy concerns and potentially significant legal considerations.

“As a result, we’ve seen a big jump in the need for customized, customer-specific cybersecurity e-learning content,” he adds. “Over the past 12 months, we have worked with one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies on a number of innovative cybersecurity e-learning projects both here and in the US.”

The first project involved developing a set of animations to provide employees with a high-level understanding of the different types of cybersecurity threats that exist in both their personal and professional lives, divided into topics (ransomware, strong passwords, social engineering and etc.) and context-specific best-practice scenarios.

“The second project was the development of a game-based e-learning course for the protection of confidential information, giving learners the opportunity to work with real-life examples,” explains O’Flynn. “This allowed them to see the consequences of various actions taken and get detailed feedback.

“The third project is an exciting one where we are building a virtual reality ‘phishing’ experience for a select number of senior staff in the organization. The main goal is to teach people how to spot various threats that phishing poses in electronic communications, all in an immersive virtual reality environment using a VR headset.

“Employees will be presented with ‘virtual’ real-world phishing scenarios in which they will be required to identify phishing attempts and be provided with feedback on actions taken.”

In business since 2004, Esus E-Learning operates in Ireland and internationally. “I’m really proud to have built Esus into a highly reputable company that has the pleasure of working on global projects reaching millions of users with multinational, Fortune 500 and large organizations,” says O’Flynn.

“Creating memorable content that learners want to consume is at the heart of what we do. This is achieved by working with clients at the start of the project to identify key success indicators and then build the most appropriate solution to effect the required behavioral change.

“I think a lot of our success stems from our innate desire to develop content that affects real behavior change in our target audience. We can guarantee an excellent eLearning experience because we design, engineer and develop everything in-house so that the finished product is perfect for the customer.”

Photo: Gary O’Flynn, founder of Esus E-Learning

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