CZEXPATS Interview: Anna Fodorova, writer and psychotherapist

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CZEXPATS Interview: Anna Fodorova, writer and psychotherapist


CZEXPATS Interview: Anna Fodorova, writer and psychotherapist | Embassy of the Czech Republic in London

Photo: Michael Anne Mullen

Around 100,000 people of Czech nationality or descent currently live in the UK. Among them we can find many significant personalities, but also people with unique personal stories. We decided to present the most interesting of them to you in our CZEXPATS Interviews project, this time with the writer and psychotherapist Anna Fodorova.

How difficult is it for a Czech author to write scripts for British TV? How is psychotherapy reflected in her books? And what is the message of her new book “In the blood”? Find out all this and much more in our interview with Anna Fodorova.

Anna Fodorova is a Czech writer and psychotherapist living in London. A graduate of the University of Applied Arts in Prague, after the invasion of the Warsaw Pact in August 1968, she did not return to Czechoslovakia from her vacation in England and graduated in cinema at the Royal College of Art in London. In England, she filmed several cartoons for children’s television shows, published a children’s book, wrote television scripts for the BBC and lectured at the renowned Central St. Martin’s College of Art. During her training in psychodynamic counseling and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, she published articles on “the loss of things” and on the transgenerational transmission of trauma. In 2015, she published the novel The Learning Patient, which was also published in Czech under the title První terapie. A new book called In the Blood is out in October 2022.


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